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British vs. American English for business

Brit: “Can we please stop the waffle* and get back to the main points of the meeting?

American: “What do you mean? We already had breakfast!

Today we are going to look at some of the differences between British and American English and how it can impact your business and communication.

Kate CHERNAVINABritish vs. American English for business
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Careless Translation Backlash

As China heads towards globalization, the demand for quality translation has also increased. A simple conversion from Chinese to English is no longer sufficient, with the advances to social media and how easily someone can voice their opinion, any simple mistake will be magnified, and can cause a serious problem to your brand.

Kate CHERNAVINACareless Translation Backlash
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Translation of legal and administrative documents

If you intend to study, live, work or do business in another country, it is almost certain that you will need administrative documents such as contracts, audits, general conditions, birth certificates and education diplomas translated into another language.

Some of your translations may need to be certified, notarized, or even performed by a sworn translator. If all this sounds a little complicated, don’t worry, we talk you through all the various requirements and procedures right here.

Kate CHERNAVINATranslation of legal and administrative documents
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What is transcreation, and what makes it different from translation?

Translation companies are being increasingly called upon to provide not only translation, but transcreation services for their customers. What is transcreation?
In order to clearly explain what transcreation is, it’s important to quickly go through what translation is first, so that we can make a clear distinction between the two services.

Stéphane ChouryWhat is transcreation, and what makes it different from translation?
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The difficulties of translating Trump-speak

The structure of his sentences is often muddled, the meaning of his comments is sometimes unclear, and he has a tendency to waffle, repeat and exaggerate. His Twitter posts are also often littered with grammar mistakes.

President Trump’s language is annoying to some, and soothing to others. But for one group of professionals, it’s causing a big and sometime dangerous headache.

Stéphane ChouryThe difficulties of translating Trump-speak
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10 things to know before becoming a Translator or an Interpreter

Interview with experienced Chinese translator and interpreter, LINA H.

When thinking about becoming an Interpreter or a Translator one instantly pictures themselves standing before a foreign business delegation wearing an elegant suit at a top Wall street office, or translating a new book that will sell millions of copies in its first week on the market. Or, at least, that’s how I imagined myself when I was considering to apply to a foreign language university.

Kate CHERNAVINA10 things to know before becoming a Translator or an Interpreter
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Facebook and its pursuit of the perfect machine translation

As some of you will know,  Facebook has a feature that enables public content from any page on its platform to be translated into the user’s chosen language. Up until 2015 this feature was powered by the Bing Translator engine. Despite it being available on Facebook and other social media such as Twitter for around five years, users continued to report major issues regarding the accuracy of these translations. Facebook has since implemented its own machine learning translation system. Is progress being made? Let’s find out!

Kate CHERNAVINAFacebook and its pursuit of the perfect machine translation
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