Livestreaming service in China

Livestreaming is one of the most popular sales channels that brings the best ROI to brands in China. In 2020 almost every platform has included a livestreaming option. Why? Because it works!

Livestreaming can be used to reveal new product releases, create pop-up sales, VIP sales events, seasonal sales, and it can be a great way to boost conversions. The fact that the audience can comment and interact in real-time means that brands can step in straight away and turn question marks into much more appealing exclamation marks!

Why leverage this channel?  

Not that many foreign brands in China leverage livestreaming today, and this is good news for you! Livestreaming channels create 10x more sales than Social Media ads!  HI-COM can provide your brand with a livestream service presented by either a sales professional, TV host, or KOL.

How does Livestreaming Work?

Your livestreaming campaign would be broadcast from a studio, and presented by a host introducing and showcasing your products to the live audience tuning in online. So how will the audience find your channel? They may either discover it through browsing on one of the platforms or by following the account from previous broadcasts. Optimum results are achieved with additional advertising of the upcoming broadcast by local host/KOL or several KOC (key opinion customers), and by posting reminders of when the stream goes live on your social media accounts (WeChat, etc.)

Your livestream campaign would be broadcast to a few platforms simultaneously, including all the big names, such as:

Douyin ( TikTok CN.Ver )




Taobao’s Weitao


What is needed to prepare for a livestream campaign?

  1. A brand wishing to sell through livestreaming needs to set up and register an account and list their products with one of the platforms that supports livestreaming.
  2. The brand would need to provide samples of the products to present during the broadcast.
  3. We will arrange a host and a studio for your brand’s livestream broadcasts
  4. We recommend giving away special prizes, as well as setting up flash offers and other activities to reel in your online audience.

HI-COM’s Livestreaming service in China can include assistance in all these steps!

How do you ensure your campaign is a success?

Livestreaming service in China
  • Choosing a strategy for every livestreaming event is a must when aiming for a good conversion. What will your broadcast be all about? Educating the clients about new trends or products? Growing your account follower base by incentivising viewers? Introducing special deals or new membership programs? It’s best to concentrate on one tactic at a time.
  • Collaborating with others who are in a similar industry is a great way to expand brand awareness and reach. One way to do this would be through a Q&A or panel discussion with industry experts and influencers.
  • Choosing an appropriate time of the broadcast is another important element of success. At the time of great online sales periods in China (11.11, 6.18, 5.20, 12.12, CNY and so on) brands are competing heavily for customers’ attention. If a brand wants to cooperate with a KOL or a good host who is able to bring a large audience to the brand, it is important to book that person’s time as early as possible. It is also crucial to choose the right date and time for the broadcast.

HI-COM has helped hundreds of brands successfully broadcast livestreaming sales events with the help of Chinese national TV hosts, KOLs and Livestreaming sales representatives.

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