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Technical Document Translation Services in Over 40 Languages

HI-COM provides technical translation services of all technical documents, including user guides, patents, technical drawings, standard operating procedures, and material data safety sheets. 

If like many of today’s largest enterprises, your company plans to expand globally, HI-COM makes technical translation faster, easier, and more cost-effective by providing technical translation in over 40 languages.

With HI-COM you can have your technical documents translated from Chinese to English, French, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, Russian or other languages and reverse.

How it works

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Why Trust HI-COM’s Technical Translation Team?

HI-COM offers a team of experienced translators from around the world who each have their own specialization(s). For each project, we will review the qualifications of our translators who are native speakers of the target language, and assign the one(s) with the most relevant expertise in your industry to your project.

Together, our team of technical translators consistently provides our customers with top-quality translations for wide range of sectors. Our translators ensure that the standard terminology for the field is used throughout the translation, and that any unique requests of the clients are met.

Examples of Our Chinese Technical Translation Work

From user handbooks to technical manuals

We translate all types of manuals
Agricultural Manuals
Construction Manuals
Employee Manuals
Electronic Manuals
Engineering Specifications
Health Manuals
Industrial Manuals
Information Brochures
Policy Manuals
Product Manuals
Product Sheets
Operating Manuals
Safety Manuals
Software Manuals
Technical Manuals
Vehicle Manuals

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Instruction Manuals Translation Services

Technical instruction manual translation is one of the top services offered by HI-COM.

We translate any type of instruction manual including appliances, manufacturing manuals, medical, safety, technical, user instructions, and many more in over 40 languages.

With our broad network of technical translators you can be sure your multilingual content is clear for your customers and users.

Get your instruction manual translated!

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Technical Manual Translation for Any Industry

Banking and Finance
And more

Desktop Publishing Services (DTP)

to fully localize your translated content

dtp services for user manuals translation

We value your time so in addition to translation services, our technical designers will work on  page layout, graphic design, and international typesetting.

With native translators specialized in your field and experienced technical designers to integrate all languages into your preferred format (InDesign, AI, PDF, etc), we are a one-stop solution to manage your multilingual documentation.

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We work with more than 40 languages, including


Medical Translation for Healthcare

As a healthcare provider, all translations in your facility have an impact on your reputation. Certified medical translators have the expertise to ensure all documents, signs, and infographics are accurately translated, to let you spend your time on saving and improving the lives of your patients.


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Automotive Technical Translation Services

Automotive translation is considered by most in the industry as a type of technical translation which involves the conversion of documents and other content from one language to another. HI-COM’s team of professional translators often works with documents such as owner’s manuals, repair guides, and warranty kits in Chinese, Spanish, Japanese and other European and Asian languages.

Automotive translation is performed by experts with linguistic expertise and a comprehensive knowledge of the specific field concerned and of the unique terminology used

Technical Translation of Multilingual Financial Documents

To stay relevant in global financial services operations, companies must work withing few markets and work with various languages, such as English, Simplified Chinese, Arabic, and Spanish, in order to achieve the best business outcomes. 

The translation of financial documents is considered one of the most difficult types of translation. A financial translator must have skills in several areas: skills in the target language, knowledge of the terminology related to the field and general knowledge of the financial systems of the source and target languages. It is therefore impossible to literally translate financial documents. HI-COM’s team work with all types of clients from the Big Four accounting, to investment banks, to smaller accounting and trading firms, and meets all of financial services translation needs with the highest technical accuracy.


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