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WeChat marketing services. Why shall brands leverage WeChat?

Being China’s number one app, WeChat is not only a popular chat tool, it is a whole digital ecosystem. WeChat is used on 78% of mobile devices in China! It is a social media site, an e-commerce solution, an app development platform, an online wallet, and much more!

Leveraging WeChat will mean giving your brand access to 1.2 billion monthly active users, establishing a brand owned medium with the ability to engage with a new audience and convert them to loyal customers!

What are the possibilities on WeChat for Brands?

Most foreign brands entering China use WeChat for marketing and sales generation purposes. The app is opening opportunities for multiple marketing tasks.

WeChat Official Account Registration:

Having a WeChat Official account (Service Account or Subscription account) is a great start for brands in their WeChat marketing efforts. Publishing useful and engaging content will bring more followers and buyers as well as assure the audience that the business you run is real.

Having a WeChat account also allows you to create a “one to one” conversation, get feedback, and make the customers feel unique and unforgettable!

The first WeChat marketing service to start your China marketing. HI-COM assists brands from every industry with their WeChat registration and account management needs.

WeChat content creation and account management service:

Got an account and don’t know what’s next? Talk to us about your content creation and account management needs! HI-COM has helped hundreds of brands and companies in Chinese and English WeChat copywriting, article design, marketing campaigns creation and management!

Talk to us about your WeChat content publishing plan!

WeChat Store Registration and Building service:  

When your brand is ready to sell in China, WeChat can offer a great opportunity to do so! Building your WeChat store will ease the lives of your clients by providing convenient and fast product preview and payment solutions. WeChat Store is well integrated into the WeChat ecosystem and can be shared to friends, groups and displayed in moments!

HI-COM has a rich experience in building WeChat stores from scratch! We will be happy to help your business enter this exciting ecosystem!

WeChat Mini Program

Looking for something more specific? How about a totally customized WeChat mini program, that will include all the functions you need, from e-commerce to memberships and tracking orders.

WeChat traffic and ways to grow your account

Even though WeChat has a huge number of users, it is still a closed ecosystem. This means that your posts are only available to people who follow your account. In order to promote your brand’s account, HI-COM suggests using one of few of the paid approaches: WeChat ads, Follower acquisition via QR code scans, cooperation with KOC (Key Opinion Customers) or KOL (Key Opinion Leaders).

We will help you open an advertising account, and create and manage WeChat advertising campaigns.

We will help you to promote your WeChat account on thousands of digital media gadgets

We can help you to select a suitable KOC or KOL from of our database, negotiate and run your campaign with them!

Branding on WeChat

A brand is more than a logo or set of colors, and it is so much more than a cover photo. A brand is how you make your customers feel, and it’s built by taking a consistent approach across every interaction they have with your brand.

From localizing your brand’s voice to developing your marketing personas, HI-COM can assist you with leveraging WeChat for branding:

  • Perform a social media audit across all of your accounts
  • Benchmark existing competitors
  • Create or localize your existing logos, banners, brand stories
  • Create photos and videos that keep your brand’s aesthetic and color choices in mind, as well as speaking to your customers on an emotional level
  • Create a publishing PR plan to assure your brand is talked about in the niche media

Community management service on WeChat

One of the most effective ways to grow and communicate with your audience is to gather your potential customers into communities or WeChat groups.

HI-COM can help you to source, invite and manage content for your potential or existing customers, manage communities and generate sales.

Lead Generation on WeChat

  • Having a WeChat account can be great for lead generation. In Fact 72 million businesses registered to WeChat Pay in 2019, according to China Internet Watch.

Lead generation is all about bringing people into your sales funnel. It’s not the same thing as selling. Think of lead generation as gathering intelligence on your customers. You’re getting to know:

  • What your target audience is interested in
  • Which products you could potentially sell to them
  • What theirpain points are
  • How you can eventually turn them into paying customers

Why Choose HI-COM for your Wechat Marketing activities?

Experienced China-Specific Agency

The Chinese social media ecosystem is very unique and made for local tastes. Millions of dollars are wasted on Chinese Social media ads and promotions by local and foreign brands every year due to limited knowledge, experience, and competence in SM ads. You need a Wechat advertising agency with years of experience developing successful campaigns that drive revenue.

WeChat marketing service

Helping to grow your business

It is difficult to grow and scale your business with limited data. For every advertising campaign we work on, we make sure that you are provided with metrics that matter. We’ll be sure to track your return on investment, and we will provide you with reports that help you decipher that information as best as possible.

WeChat marketing service

Full-Service Marketing Agency

Our full-service Wechat marketing agency can support you in all of your online marketing and advertising needs. Whether you need advanced graphics, videos, livestream or KOL cooperation to target your new customers, we are here for you. HI-COM also works with other Chinese social media platforms, such as WeChat, Weibo, and much more.

Dedicated Account Strategist

We can assign a professional account strategist who will analyze your business and create a Chinese Social Media marketing plan, editorial plan and be your contact point for the preparation and creation of campaigns and reporting.

Local copywriting team

We can provide a content creation team that includes native language copywriters, an editor, proofreader and graphic designer.

Custom Photoshoots and Videography

Promoting products or services for Chinese audiences will create a need for content created for the local eye. We provide a product photoshoot, event and video service, created with Chinese Social media audiences in mind.

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