"If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart."

- Nelson Mandela

Working with 40+ languages

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Multilingual Communication & Translation Services by HI-COM

We provide a variety of language based services, to ensure your communication is clear and effective! Professional localization and translation services that are perfectly suited to your industry. HI-COM is trusted partner for legal document translation services, working with hundreds of professional certified translators and localization experts! We also provide full support for Chinese Social Media marketing!

Translation & Localization

Translation & Localization

We offer a fully comprehensive translation and localization service, covering over 40 language pairs. Whether it’s just a one-page letter or a large scale project, we’ll take care of it!



Need an interpreter for an event, meeting, conference or exhibition? HI-COM is an interpreting company that provides fully qualified and experienced interpreters when and where you need them.

Social Media & Copywriting

Social Media & Copywriting

Our Chinese Social Media experts are ready to put you on the map in China: from a full Social Media Plan, to a single blog post copy. As a localization expert, we will preserve and truly localize your unique brand image and your corporate message!

KOL/Influencer Marketing

KOL/Influencer Marketing

We provide Chinese Social Media content management and Chinese KOL/Influencer marketing support. Looking for a perfect KOL match for your branding in China? Shoot us an email!

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We work closely with our clients’ projects to provide a unique translation services experience


Our Team

Say hello to our team of language and business professionals.

Stephane Choury CEO

Robert Harrison Head of Production

Lucille De Cassan Business Director

Helen Sun Finance Director

Kate Chernavina Marketing Director

Jean-Christophe Roinné Sales Manager, South China Region

Mathias Munoz Business Development Manager

Nick Miao Business Development Manager

Ming Cheng Project Manager

Krissy Shi Project Manager

Kel Ye Designer

Olivia Liu Digital Marketing Manager

Luke Wang Project Manager

Marie Castano Digital Marketing Manager

Anna Aslandziya SEO Marketer

Liam Shen Social Media Manager

HICOM Asia staff Shelly

Shelly Office Entertainer

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  • Our cooperation with Stephane Choury and his team at HI-COM Asia aimed to launch our new company website and online client platform in China. We were delighted by the amount of research done to understand our very specific industry and its codes.   

    David Mezenen Business Development Director APAC
  • The HI-COM Team has been a great ongoing and flexible resource for us as we have adapted our website and other biz related software to the China market. They are responsive, thorough and professional, and we look forward to using them on future projects.

    Nicholas Herbert Concept 2 Asia Pacific

Insights and News

startups entry chinese market strategy

What Startups Need to Know about China Market Entry I HI-COM

Guest post by PTL Group 2020’s global turmoil has led China to better define its strategies, advance its R&D foundation and cultivate a burgeoning tech sector. With that in mind, China maintains an open-door policy that aims to create easier access to its lucrative market, for anyone who can support the country in fulfilling its

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How Localization Can Help Brands Thrive in the Chinese Hospitality Industry I HI-COM

As one of the hardest-hit industries during the global COVID crisis, across the world, the hospitality industry faces a long road to recovery. However, in China, the hospitality industry has already bounced back, having experienced year-over-year growth already by the autumn of 2020, with strong numbers going into 2021. How can foreign brands take advantage

difference between certified sworn and notarized translations

What is the difference between Certified, Sworn and Notarized Translation? I HI-COM

In recent months, the debate between machine vs. human translation has focused on the importance of obtaining official, legally valid, and accurate, professionally translated documents. While machine translation algorithms have steadily improved in recent years, they are, however, not yet in every case a comparably accurate substitute for traditional human-based translation services. 

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