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Brand Naming in China: Choosing/Translating the Right Brand Name – A Key Factor of Your Localization Strategy

Talking about Brand name translation, in every brand localisation strategy, also in Chinese brand name localisation or translation, the goals for marketing content are well known: to win the heart of the prospective Chinese customer, but also and above all, to create, maintain and enrich the relationship between the brand and its community.

To reinforce this link over time, personalizing the message of your brand is necessary and can be done in two ways: on the one hand, by listening and getting to know your audience, and on the other hand, by giving your identity a strong presence.

Knowing Your Target Audience: A Key Axis

However, to launch a brand in a foreign country, only by playing on its intrinsic criteria is not enough. Habits and behaviors change from one country to another, which is why a brand that has succeeded in France could be a flop in China. There is behind all this, a set of values ​​and uses. The target audience remains the most important axis to take into account in any brand localization strategy.

Why Choose HI-COM for Brand Name Translation Service?

When looking for the right translation, HI-COM’s linguistic experts take into account a few factors to assure the Chinese Brand name is the perfect match and reflects well the idea behind brand’s original name:

  1. Phonetic excellency: the similarities of the Chinese and original names pronunciation
  2. Meaning excellency: Whether the name represents the product or industry
  3. Simplicity: Whether it’s easy to memorise. The character should be often used by most people
  4. Essence: Whether the message delivered in the name fits into the product style, vision, unique proposition and industry

Brand Naming Methodology

We created a systematic product-centric approach to deliver the best suited brand name options for your brand.

Step 1:
Market Analysis 

Step 2:

Step 3:

  • The Chinese market overview
  • Benchmarking: market leaders
  • Brand name benchmarking: leaders in the Chinese market
  • Brand identity analysis
  • Brand name strategy
  • 3-5 brand name proposals
  • Trademark uniqueness checks

HI-COM’s Expertise 

Here at HI-COM we have helped hundreds of brands with their brand naming and brand name translation service. With our well established processes, linguistic cross-checks, multilevel benchmarking, and years of experience, we have all the tools you need to make us your number one brand naming service!

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Brand Name Translation, What Is Important to Consider? 

When it comes to localisation, in China it is not enough just to translate the Brand Name to Chinese – it is necessary to “re-name” it, making sure that the meaning is retained without bringing any negative meaning into a new location.

It must also stand out and not remind the consumer of the competition. In locations like China, Korea, Japan, and the Middle East, having the right brand naming process is essential to a brand’s success.

Many brands are trying to do Brand name translation in-house, which could lead to linguistic misunderstandings, double meanings, as well we resulting in names already taken by other brands in a given category, thus are not available for trademarking.