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Why should brands consider Xiaohongshu / RED?

Although it started as a product reviews site with an open ecosystem where people discover new trendy products, Xiaohongshu is now China’s top app for fashion and cosmetics. With 85 million monthly active users, Little Red Book is a go-to app for females aged 20- 35 years old living in top-tier cities in China to discover the latest trends and products.

Research shows that an average user spends about 5.8 hours per day on this app.

Based on user generated content, Xiaohongsu is the gateway to customers’ trust in China. Xiaohongshu is also home to Key opinion customers and leaders and is one of the most popular apps for advice-based social shopping.

3 Steps of registration on Xiaohongshu / RED

Brands wishing to start selling on Xiaohongshu are subject to a 3-step registration process.

1.Brand Station

2.Advertising Account

3.Xiaohongshu Store

Each step takes up to 14 days.

Read more about registering on Xiaohongshu in this article.

HI-COM can help you to go through the Xiaohongshu registration process and set up your store!

Xiaohongshu Content and Account management service

After registration of an account on Xiaohongshu/RED, it is important to identify your target clients and provide specific content tailored to their needs.

Xiaohongshu used AI to recognize the tastes of each user and show the relevant content, which makes the use of the app addictive.

Some of the most popular product categories are:


Fashion & Make up




Mother and Child

Xiaohongshu is also one of the most popular Livestreaming platforms in China.

Content such as product unboxing, reviews and comparisons, how-to videos in various categories, fitness training sessions, and even education tips makes Xiaohongshu popular in China. Needless to say, locally created content is performing best on this app.

Learn more about business on Xiaohongshu, what is necessary to register an account, what are the platforms fees and marketing opportunities.

HI-COM is ready to support your brand with content creation. Our Chinese marketing experts will collaborate with local photographers, copywriters, content creators, KOLs and KOCs to create a buzz for your product! Xiaohongshu account management by our dedicated Chinese community managers includes publishing, comment reactions (positive and negative comment handling) and community management.

Xiaohongshu Traffic Generation and Marketing Campaigns service

Registering a Xiaohongshu store will not bring much traffic unless brands put effort into promotion and paid advertising. Our team of Chinese social media marketers will analyze and prepare an efficient and effective marketing campaign plan for your business, regardless of the size or budget!

There are many ways brands can promote their accounts or stores:

  • KOC reviews and reposts
  • KOL cooperation
  • Hot topic hashtag participation
  • Paid ads
  • UGC campaigns

Interested in Xiaohongshu account/store promotion? Send us your questions and we will reply within 24h!

Why Choose HI-COM for your Xiaohongshu Marketing activities?

Experienced China-Specific Agency

The Chinese social media ecosystem is very unique and made for local tastes. Millions of dollars are wasted on Chinese Social media ads and promotions by local and foreign brands every year due to limited knowledge, experience, and competence in SM ads. You need a Xiaohongshu advertising agency with years of experience developing successful campaigns that drive revenue.

Helping to grow your business

It is difficult to grow and scale your business with limited data. For every advertising campaign we work on, we make sure that you are provided with metrics that matter. We’ll be sure to track your return on investment, and we will provide you with reports that help you decipher that information as best as possible.

Full-Service Marketing Agency

Our full-service Xiaohongshu marketing agency can support you in all of your online marketing and advertising needs. Whether you need advanced graphics, videos, livestream or KOL cooperation to target your new customers, we are here for you. HI-COM also works with other Chinese social media platforms, such as WeChat, Weibo, and much more.

Dedicated Account Strategist

We can assign a professional account strategist who will analyze your business and create a Chinese Social Media marketing plan, editorial plan and be your contact point for the preparation and creation of campaigns and reporting.

Local copywriting team

We can provide a content creation team that includes native language copywriters, an editor, proofreader and graphic designer.

Custom Photoshoots and Videography

Promoting products or services for Chinese audiences will create a need for content created for the local eye. We provide a product photoshoot, event and video service, created with Chinese Social media audiences in mind.

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