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Literary Translation: Translate Your Book in Chinese, and 40+ Languages

One of the more complex fields in our industry involves the translation of books and literary material. 

The most important aims of literary translation are, amongst other things, to:

  • increase the worldwide audience of the literary material.
  • preserve the tone, sensibility, nuances, and overall message of the original material
  • ensure, when dealing with literature and fiction, that the characters do not lose their unique traits and personalities after translation of the content
  • localize irrelevant content where necessary, in order to engage the new-found readership

One of the most popular services in HI-COM portfolio is English to Chinese Book Translation.

Book Translation

HI-COM can assist you with the translation of a wide range literary material including:

  • Classic novels
  • Modern fiction
  • Fantasy / science fiction
  • Philosophical works
  • Biographies / autobiographies
  • Short stories
  • Poetry
  • Song lyrics
  • Scripts for plays, musicals, movies, and TV shows
  • Children’s literature
  • Comics / cartoons
  • Fact books
  • History books
  • Newspapers
  • Archive material

Expert Translators for Your Book, Novel or Magazine Translation

HI-COM’s experienced team of project managers will select the perfect resource to work on your literary content. What’s more, unlike other agencies, and where possible, we will make every effort to put you in direct (or even face-to-face) contact with the translator, to ensure every aspect of your work is discussed and covered in detail. We can also send out samples of the work to native readers to ensure the work is understood and interpreted the way it was intended.

Plus, before we join you on your literary journey, you may send us a small extract and we will then propose a number of sample translations in various styles written by different resources, so you can select the one that best matches the original work.

What Our Clients Say

Book Translation