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The Japanese language is very different from any other languages around the world and 126,8 million people are exposed to it. It is precisely for this reason that Japanese to English translations (as well as many other combinations) are highly sought after right now. To ensure the highest quality of your translation we only use experiences and/or certified Japanese/English translators.

In order to translate from Japanese to English or English to Japanese, the translator must be well trained, and be familiar with many of the nuances of both languages. HI-COM is working hard to make sure we adapt the text according to the target language and culture in order to clearly pass on the original meaning and not to shift the message of source document.

Japanese to English translations we deliver are done by translators who work with HI-COM for more than 5 years, who are not only experts in the languages, but also are specialists in particular field. Expertise in law, medicine or business makes specific industry Japanese language translations much more accurate.


With over 5 years of experience, we have created a network of more than 1000 translators. They work on all kinds of translations involving the English and Japanese language pair. Careful selection the most suitable translators for your project, is what makes translations we deliver satisfying for all of our clients.

Efficient and professional work makes it possible to deliver the project on short notice, by not affecting the prices. Our translation quality is high and our prices are affordable, which makes our clients come back time and time.

To deliver flawless Japanese to English translation, it might take up to 3 revisions that HI-COM provides for free, entrusting these tasks to our native Japanese (for English to Japanese) and native English (for Japanese to English) translations.

English to Japanese Translation. Saving costs while improving the quality

Our pool of English/Japanese translators allows us to select the most suitable person to deal with your project. We always take the dialect into consideration, as well as the professional domain of the text.

Some of the advance tools we use are Translation memory (TM) and Content Management tools. These tools store company-specific terminology for technical translation clients. Those tools are extremely useful when we need to update the translated documentation in the future. Our tools leverage previously translated text to reduce the time and cost of translating new projects, while assuring the consistency of the translation from document to document!

Nowadays, demand for Japanese translations is growing rapidly, and there are more and more businesses being established where Japanese language pays a major role. Make your content understood by more than 126,8 billion people!

Design and DTP

Japanese language is a character based language, and when it comes to content translation, for example for catalogues or technical sheets, the amount of space the Japanese translation will take compare to English might be different. HI-COM is ready to provide DTP services to ensure the new contend fits well within the design of your original document!

Find out more about our Design and DTP services!

Today, the demand for Korean translations is rapidly increasing, and there are more and more Korean speaking businesses being established.  Get in touch today and target your content to more than 77.2 million people!

We work with more than 40 languages, including:

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