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Setting up your Weidian on mobile app in 2019

Weidian has been described as the “shopify of the China’ and has over 80 million stores on its platform varying from different industries. The biggest draw of using Weidan is how accessible it is to use on the mobile phone and payments can be easily made through Wechat, Alipay and Union pay. In the Chinese market Weidian is a direct competitor of Taobao.

Zahra SAFDARSetting up your Weidian on mobile app in 2019
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HI-COM sponsors UT Gala 2019

For the second consecutive year, HI-COM has sponsored the prestigious UT Alumni GALA evening. Organised by the UT Alumni China, the soirée took place at Hotel Grand Mercure in Shanghai, on 19th October 2019.

Lili SheppardHI-COM sponsors UT Gala 2019
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The Boom of Blockchain in China in 2019

China and Blockchain are not two words you would normally associate together, until recently. President Xi Jinping identified blockchain as “a crucial breakthrough point for indigenous innovation of core technologies” during the meeting of the 13th National People’s Congress (NPC) standing committee.

Zahra SAFDARThe Boom of Blockchain in China in 2019
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Rugby World Cup Language Guide

The holy grail of all Rugby events is happening this weekend and we are all super excited. You have guessed it, it’s the Rugby world cup final in Japan! This Saturday, England will play against South Africa to see who will conquer and become the 2019 Rugby world cup champions.

Zahra SAFDARRugby World Cup Language Guide
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Top 5 Gaming Languages for You

Today, the gaming industry shares a community of over 2 billion people and it’s only expected to grow.

According to figures in 2018, the gaming industry made over $134 billion and predictions show that those figures are expected double yet again, by 2025.  The gaming industry has now become bigger than both the film and music industries combined, which could be responsible for the rapid growth in online gaming languages and explain how they have become so globally recognized. 

Zahra SAFDARTop 5 Gaming Languages for You
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Linking Chinese social media to e-commerce

One of the very first questions a marketer may ask when executing a campaign is, how can we increase sales from our social media activities – especially the ones with our KOL partnerships? In fact, understanding Chinese social media and the e-commerce world is not only important for ongoing marketing activities, but also for marketing strategies.

Kate CHERNAVINALinking Chinese social media to e-commerce
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Step by Step Guide to Website Translation

Website translation: all you need to know! The website of any international company should be translated into the languages ​​of all countries where the goods or services of this company are sold. How to organize a website translation right? Today we will list the necessary steps in website translation.

Stéphane ChouryStep by Step Guide to Website Translation
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Consecutive Interpreting at a workshop for SMCP Asia Limited

HI-COM is proud to have provided experienced and proficient interpreters for a workshop held by SMCP Asia Limited in Shanghai in September 9th – 12th. The service consisted in providing interpreting assistance for an internal financial event in the fashion industry.

Stéphane ChouryConsecutive Interpreting at a workshop for SMCP Asia Limited
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