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How to attract chinese students abroad – HI-COM

Attracting, selecting and recruiting the best foreign students remains a challenge for business and engineering schools and also universities.

Nevertheless, offering them a 6-month or 1-year university exchange in partnership with their home school is no longer enough to determine the level of attractiveness and global influence of a school. Indeed, instead of the number of traditional exchange students, it is now the number of foreign students following programs over their entire duration (4 to 5 years) that constitutes how attractive an institution is.

Marie CASTANOHow to attract chinese students abroad – HI-COM
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WeChat marketing: Driving WeChat sales in 2020 – HI-COM

WeChat marketing is becoming more and more complicated in 2020. With the constant shifts in trends it is becoming more and more difficult for marketers to develop long term plans. Finding new customers and creating interest, not to mention generating sales is a new challenge. And when it comes to closed ecosystem such as WeChat, e-commerce takes a whole new turn.

Kate CHERNAVINAWeChat marketing: Driving WeChat sales in 2020 – HI-COM
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Chinese Influencers that sell out products in minutes! Update of 2020 – HI-COM

They sell out stocks worth of millions of dollars in minutes, they make newest products trendy and famous, they are the most watched Chinese influencers and internet stars in China, they are the king and the queen of Chinese e-commerce! They are Chinese influencers Austin and Viya.

Kate CHERNAVINAChinese Influencers that sell out products in minutes! Update of 2020 – HI-COM
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HI-COM Announces A New Office In France

HI-COM is proud to announce the opening of its new office in Côte d’Azur, France. The new location will strengthen HI-COM’s presence in Europe, enabling the group to provide more to support to its European clients and partners. The new French location will bring the number of HI-COM bases to three, adding to its existing Shanghai and Guangzhou locations. The adress of our new is :  930 Route des Dolines 06560 VALBONNE, Sophia Antipolis, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, France.

Therefore, HI-COM will continue serve its existing clients and develop new business in France and across Europe from this new location. With our expertise in copywriting, interpreting, translation and KOL marketing, we look forward to collaborating with all our clients.
Kate CHERNAVINAHI-COM Announces A New Office In France
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What is the second most spoken language? HI-COM

Tonnes of articles have covered the subject of the most spoken language in each country, but not so many go into more detail and  talk about the second most spoken language in each country. According to reports, almost half the world is bilingual. Colonisation, borders and immigration have been some contributing factors to a second language being spoken in some countries. Unsurprisingly, English is the most spoken second language worldwide with it being spoken in 55 countries. French comes second (14 countries) and Russian third (13 countries).

Kate CHERNAVINAWhat is the second most spoken language? HI-COM
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Popular British Brands in China

Britain and China share a long history. In a world of Brexit and with China’s e-commerce market growing, it will be clear to most that Britain will be looking closely at China to secure one of their trade deals outside of the EU. Britain has some of the most luxurious brands which are hugely popular among Chinese people. With recent predictions stating that China’s middle class is set to swell up to 630 million, a large number of British brands will be looking to capture a larger share of the Chinese market. Chinese consumers tend to hold British luxury products highly as they are seen as ‘sophisticated’ and ‘classy’. Today, we will talk about why certain British brands have dominated the Chinese market and remained popular, while others have been less successful.

Kate CHERNAVINAPopular British Brands in China
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Happy New Year From HI-COM

HI-COM wishes you a Happy New Year!

With 2019 drawing to a close, we look back and reflect on the great year we have had and give you our season’s greetings.

HI-COM has had the pleasure of working with many great businesses with the aim to help them elevate their business in China and out of China. We have had the chance to extend and develop even more in the following areas; translation, interpreting, copywriting and KOL marketing.

Kate CHERNAVINAHappy New Year From HI-COM
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The 10 Most Creative Chinese Apps To Watch Out For In 2020

China is one step ahead of the game in the social media world. China’s combination of a large population and fast-emerging technology go hand in hand. Today I will talk about top ten apps that are changing the tides of Chinese social media. Some of these fast-emerging apps have become a necessity in Chinese daily life and changed the way social media is talked about.

Stéphane ChouryThe 10 Most Creative Chinese Apps To Watch Out For In 2020
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CRM for Businesses: The Importance Of A Good System In Place

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) refers to the strategies and activities that companies have in place for better interaction with their clients. This encompasses even those clients that the company is still trying to reach out to. CRM is significant for businesses to build strong relationships with their customers.

Kate CHERNAVINACRM for Businesses: The Importance Of A Good System In Place
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