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Discover consecutive interpreting with HI-COM!

Interpreting is the act of translating a person’s words from one language into another during a speech, presentation, or conference.

The interpreter has an extremely important role because he/she has to convey someone’s words into another language whilst maintaining the meaning and tone used.

Marie CASTANODiscover consecutive interpreting with HI-COM!
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Translate a website to Chinese: all you need to know in 2020!

How to translate a website to Chinese in order to enlarge this huge audience and reach local markets? When coming to emerging markets such as China, Brazil, Russia booming imports and e-commerce markets have made these counties and cultures impossible to avoid. In this article we will describe how to translate a website and show you how to avoid problems when localizing it.

Kate CHERNAVINATranslate a website to Chinese: all you need to know in 2020!
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Guide to Chinese cross border platforms in 2020

Find out where Chinese consumers are spending money in a time where overseas shopping has become the norm! Besides Xiaohongshu, which other Chinese cross border platforms are people using when shopping online for overseas products in China?  If an overseas brand has not entered the Chinese market for a long time, is it because it has not found a suitable e-commerce channel? Find out the answers in this article.

Kel YEGuide to Chinese cross border platforms in 2020
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HI-COM’s events in September

Some of the activities HI-COM was involved in in September 2020. Events in Shanghai, Guangzhou, some talked and workshops were keeping our team busy. But we can’t complain, each of these events were fun and educating!

Kel YEHI-COM’s events in September
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4 Industries That Need Professional Translators In 2020

Your industries is in need for professional translators? Despite the extent to which the COVID-19 pandemic has damaged the travel and tourism industries, the world is still more keenly connected than ever before. It’s all due to the availability and reliability of internet infrastructure (supported by widespread digital training). Within a few seconds, almost anyone can start a discussion with someone thousands of miles away.

Marie CASTANO4 Industries That Need Professional Translators In 2020
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