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KOL Marketing Services in China

kol marketing china

 KOL (KOL stands for key opinion leader) marketing is one of the most effective ways for a brand to connect with its target audience, and China is one of the most “influenced” societies in the world.

Find your China influencer and your perfect Chinese social media channel with HI-COM, a China-specific KOL/Influencer Marketing Full Service Agency.

From casting to campaign details, HI-COM is a China-specific KOL/Influencer Full Service agency that will develop and manage your brand recognition social media program. Make your brand the centre of attention. Created for you by professionals!

Why brands choose to do KOL marketing
rather than advertising in China? 

There are 4 main reasons brand prefer to work with creative content producers,
that are trusted by their large audiences (aka key opinion leaders/KOLs).


 KOL recommendation purchase one of the most popular ways of shopping for Chinese customers, providing both entertainment and tangible value. More than 80% of marketers in China say that KOL marketing is effective.

Standing out

KOL cooperation is a “tailor made” service where brands can tell their story in a creative way with the help of customer’s favorite digital personalities.


old or new followers, KOL marketing helps the brand grow, create more brand awareness and engage with people on a “human” level.


KOL marketing on average creates 8X more sales than targeted social media advertising.

What are the platforms for influencer sourcing in China?

Main KOL campaign management native tools for each Chinese social media platform:

KOL Marketing for brands entering China:
Don’t miss these opportunities!

Livestream marketing, especially KOL livestreaming has become a mainstay in today’s Chinese marketing strategy, growing 5%+ every year.

Almost all shopping platforms provide livestream capabilities, but the market is not yet “overfilled”, so don’t miss this chance to get jump-start your brand presence in China!

growth of the revenue of ecommerce livestreaming in china 2018 to 2022

According to e-Marketer, in 2019, Chinese social e-commerce sales totalled 186.04 billion USD, a figure that has only grown in the last two years.

That means that people are moving away from traditional marketplaces to recommendation and entertainment shopping.

social ecommerce share in china from 2019 to 2023

KOL Marketing for Any Industry

Apparel & Fashion

Apparel & Fashion





Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage





Home & DIY

Home & DIY



Why Work With Us


We Know What KOL Will Suit Your Brand

Reaching more than 20,000 KOL/Influencers in China on more than 12 China-only social media platforms, we know what talent will be most suitable for your product and your budget!


We help brands develop a clear understanding of all the possible opportunities for promoting on various Social Media platforms, and assist with content creation according to the specific market niche of your product or service.

influencer marketing agency china
kol marketing services

We create unique content for each client

We help our Influencers create authentic, story-driven, localized content that lives beyond the campaign itself, while assuring the presence of the unique brand voice throughout the campaign.

we work carefully on every kol strategy

We align our content creation according to our key strategy points: distribution, promotion, brand recognition, and ultimately conversion.

kol marketing strategy
kol marketing legal aspects china

we are familiar with LEGAL ASPECTS

We handle the entire contract & negotiation process, copyright issues, and image releases.

Influencer Marketing Case Studies

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