Social Media Copywriting

Chinese Social Media Content

Unlike blog posts, social media copywriting is about creating a rapid emotional connection or reaction, in less than 100 characters (depending on the platform).

After drafting a punchy post, hashtags, images, graphs and statistics are then added to maximize its online reach.

Here at HI-COM we know the amount of creativity and time it takes to run a successful social media campaign, and indeed, it also takes an experienced team to make it happen.

How do you know if your post/campaign will work?

There are 4 main key elements that determine the success of your post:

  • Headline
  • Emotive, valuable and unique content
  • SEO optimized
  • Frequent posting

There are various strategies to deploy to improve your social media presence, and it is a project that takes time and commitment. Chinese Social Media content creation managed by professionals will bring results faster!

What do we offer?

Social Media Campaigns

We can create a series of Chinese Social Media Content that are optimized to reach a wide audience and create and maintain engagement

Editorial Planning – Ideas

We create a list with ideas for your posts/campaign that will work in your niche (monthly/quarterly/yearly).

Editorial Planning – Publishing Channels

We create a full planning including “ideas + publishing channel + publishing time” for a long-term project (monthly/quarterly/yearly).


 We provide extra materials for you as per your request. (infographics, customized images, podcasts, etc.)

Social Media Managements

If needed, we can manage all the points above on your behalf.

Blog/Social Media Localization

We recreate your posts for your foreign markets.

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