Scripts, Speeches and PR Copywriting

Scriptwriting/Script Copywriting Services

Whether you are preparing an event or shooting a video commercial, you will need a script. Writing a good script requires experience, creativity and the ability to tell a compelling story.

Our creative team has worked with big brands and small businesses, providing scripts from scratch, as well as editing existing scripts, updating scripts from previous projects, and translating and localising scripts, speeches and scenarios.

Our Script writers focus on:

  • Video scripts – TVC, web marketing, training videos,
  • Event scenarios
  • Speech copywriting

Other relevant work we do:

  • Event presentations
  • Online content and blog posts
  • Print and press advertisements
  • Online advertising campaigns
  • Sales proposal & pitch documents
  • Emails and newsletters
  • Mobile advertising campaigns
  • Press releases
  • Direct mail material
  • Brochures and sales documentation

How we work:

To ensure the quality of our work, we have a team of professionals who will be available for you at any time. The team will include a Creative Director, Creative Writer, Editor and a Project Manager. We will work closely with your production team and deliver highly effective and engaging scripts that will reflect your brand image, company culture and/or product’s unique selling point. Creativity, professionalism and efficiency are the at the core of our team values.

Why do you need Professional Speech writing services?

Across all sectors from manufacturing and technology to financial services and education, speeches always have a part to play. Giving presentations at industry events or being a keynote speaker at a seminar provides invaluable marketing exposure and positions you as an industry leader. However, for some, speech writing can be a stressful and overwhelming experience.

It’s no secret that political leaders, corporate CEOs and public figures hire professional speech writers to create professional and engaging speeches. Here at HI-COM we have a team of professional speech writers who are ready to work with your specific needs at a time and place to suit you, guaranteeing a unique and personalised presentation. Speech writing services are needed by large company leader as well as start up entrepreneurs!

Speech writing services

Types of speeches we specialize in:

  • Awards Presentation Speech
  • Business Speeches
  • Charity Speeches
  • Sales Training Speeches
  • Scripts Seminar Speeches
  • Thank You Speeches
  • College Education Speeches
  • Conference Speeches
  • Corporate Speeches
  • Emotional Appeal Speeches
  • Fundraiser Speeches
  • Informative Speeches
  • Inspirational Speeches
  • Introduction Speeches
  • Invocation Speeches
  • Keynote Speeches
  • Miscellaneous Speeches
  • Motivational Speeches
  • Openings/Launch Speeches
  • Event Speeches
  • Political Campaign
  • Product Endorsement Speeches
  • Professional Career Speeches

How we work:

To ensure the quality of our work, we have a team of creative individuals from a wide range of specialist backgrounds (marketing, corporate, educational, technology, etc.) who will work closely with you to produce an engaging and memorable speech that will resonate with your audience.  Creativity, Professionalism and Efficiency are at the core of our team’s values.

Why is Press Release tactic effective?

Press Release writing is something every company needs! Press releases are a well-known tool to bring media attention to your business.  A well-timed and well-drafted press release about an event, special offer, or new product or service can generate invaluable publicity for your company.  Our press release copywriting service can create visibility for your website or business in industry-specific circles at a national or international level.

At HI-COM we create, translate and localize press releases for all companies from big brands to small businesses.

Press Release writing



What Press Releases HI-COM is working with:

  • New products and service
  • Exhibitions and shows
  • Website launches
  • Market research or survey results
  • Other company events
  • New clients
  • Charity involvement
  • Sponsorships
  • Office or factory openings

Don’t miss the opportunity to use your latest news to promote your brand! Contact our PR writers to help you out.

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