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Medical Translation Services in over 40 Languages

At HI-COM, we provide medical translation services for a variety of different circumstances, ranging from patient doctor services to corporate translation: medical interpreting, patent translation for pharmaceutical companies, medical document translation, medical device localization, medical translation for healthcare, and more.

Medical Translation

HI-COM’s network of professional medical translators ensure the highest calibre medical translation and interpretation services. Our strong specialization in medical documentation and device translation makes it our most popular request from clients.

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Medical Documentation Translation
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Medical Device Localization

When you market medical devices to a new market, localization in marketing and usage instructions is vital in ensuring it is properly used and adopted. At HI-COM, our medical translation professionals not only wield expertise in the medical and linguistic fields, but they are also culturally native to the language you wish to translate into.

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We Translate Many Types of Medical Documents Including

Advertising and Promotional Materials
Clinical Studies and Reports
Clinical Trials
Independent medical exams (IMEs)
Medical Findings
User Guides for Medical Software
User Manuals for Medical Devices
And Many More

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Medical Translation for Healthcare

As a healthcare provider, all translations in your facility have an impact on your reputation. Certified medical translators have the expertise to ensure all documents, signs, and infographics are accurately translated, to let you spend your time on saving and improving the lives of your patients.

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Medical Translation  for Pharmaceutical Companies

As a pharmaceutical company, it is imperative that your product brochures accurately and clearly describe your product even when translated. Failure to do so could result in botched marketing at best and legal consequences at worst. Finding certified medical translation services means you have a guarantee that all translations in your documents will be precise and professional.

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Medical Patent Translation

With medical patents, patent law and legal expertise are an added prerequisite for quality translations, on top of medical experience and translation skills. HI-COM provides both certified legal translation services as well as certified medical translation services. With our wide network of professional translators, we are sure to have the right one for your niche.

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Medical Translation

Medical Interpreting Services

Are you a patient going in to see a doctor who doesn’t speak your language? Are you a doctor who often sees foreign patients? HI-COM provides medical interpreting services to break down language barriers in real time, professionally. You won’t need to worry about things being lost in translation during your appointments when you use professional medical interpreting to communicate

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We Work with over 40 Languages, Including:


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