Chinese Social Media & Copywriting

Chinese and English Copywriting Services: In Web or Print

HI-COM’s teams are well-known for their ability to adopt to their clients’ target style. HI-COM is more than just a Chinese copywriting service / English copywriting service, we are a creative production team! Hundreds of clients trust us with online and offline marketing material, website writing and content re-branding. We work with all media types including websitesbrochures, newsletters and direct mail, scripts, speeches, and press releases. The main difference between HI-COM and other copywriting agencies is that we put your target audience first! We make sure that English copywriting service, as well as Chinese copywriting service is up to the highest standards.

Are you familiar with different types of writers and their work?

Who is writing for you at HI-COM:


Chinese Social Media & Copywriting


A copywriter is a person in charge of advertising and promotional materials: website articles, catalogs, billboards, emails, and websites in general.

A “copy” is a text that sells, asking a reader to take action. Such an action could be to buy or engage with a product or service, or even with a company. Copy is a part of a $2.3 trillion industry worldwide.

Like most salesmen, a copywriter needs to have a natural talent for sales, and attend seminars and training courses to sharpen his abilities to convince and win over potential customers.

Copywriters can specialize on different fields, including technical writing, such as creation of user manuals and brochures according to the technical specification of the product. At HI-COM we have some of the world’s best copywriters in both marketing and technical fields.

Content creators 

Chinese Social Media & Copywriting


A content creator is a creative writer who is experienced in video, audio, long form interactive content (white-paper, scenario, concept) and other content production for blogs, social networks, web news, podcasts, and text for graphics. A content creator is an artist who puts his creative ability on the line in order to deliver the best result for the client/brand.

Content creation is made for content marketing. The aim of such content is to attract a potential customer to your website/social media account/store. This is an outbound marketing technic, where the content is not selling a product or service directly, but educating an audience in terms of usage and qualifications of the products, and making recommendations. Good content shall reach the desired target audience and leave a positive impression about your brand, leading to a higher customer conversion rate and making your brand more recognizable.

Chinese Brand Name Translation 



Brand name translation is a task you don’t want to fail at. In the market as complex as China brands need to be extra careful when choosing their localization partners. At HI-COM we have brand naming linguists with more than a decade of experience. Our rich brand name localization portfolio speaks for itself!

We work with professional Chinese copywriters, Chinese linguists, marketers and analysts to assure your brand name has a deep impression, understanding and reflects the original brand name perfectly!

What do we offer to our clients:

  • Website and Marketing collaterals Content Creation

We create unique professional websites, catalogues, brochures and banners for more than 100 clients every year! We serve clients from multinational corporations to startups. Our professional approach, creativity and flexibility is what makes our client come back year after year! Learn more about our services by sending us a quick email!

  • Social Content Creation

English and Chinese Copywriting, video subtitling in more than 40 languages. We adapt your existing content in line with the Chinese market, and make it emotional are the key areas we explore, in order to make your China-specific social media marketing successful.

  • Creative Campaigns

We create campaigns for niche products and unique businesses, taking into account your budget and other aspects that are important to you.

chinese social media

PR and Advertising in China

chinese social media
  • Media Buying

Successful social media campaigns or content marketing will often include paid boosts and paid content distribution.

  • PR Distribution

We have more than 10,000 journals, web partners and other media channels in China on which to promote your content.

  • Content

We prepare your Press releases and interviews to assure the growth of your brand recognition.

  • ROI and Analytics

Data doesn’t lie. We work with brands to understand and ensure the set goals are achieved, and the insights are clear and easy.




What makes HI-COM a special Social Media Copywriting agency ?

  • We put your target audience first
  • We preserve the tone of you brand voice
  • We work only with native speakers
  • We guarantee SEO optimisation for your web content
  • Our copywriting team is a combo of a project manager, a copywriting, an editor, a proofreader and a creative director!
  • Transcreation plays a big role when working with your content for local markets as part of your localisation strategy



You may not know it, but copywriting is not just about conveying your idea in a certain linguistic style. You still need your potential customers to find your content on the top of their search results. That’s why using an experienced SEO copywriter is one of the best decisions you could make, that will save you a lot of time and money! English copywriting service is what we do well!

The time you save can be invested in improving and adding to your content. With detailed, relevant and SEO-friendly content, your website’s ranking will rise rapidly, along with your brand awareness and your business growth!


Step 1. Kick off

Nobody knows your business better than you.

That’s why our Project Manager and Copywriter will meet with you personally to understand your request and identify your copywriting needs..

Step 2. Benchmark

Our Copywriter will undertake a benchmark to make sure your website stands out from your competitors yet in style with your industry standards.

Step 3. Design Constraints

In collaboration with your design team, our Copywriter will ensure that the developed content is perfectly adapted to your website or template.

Step 4. Delivery of the first draft

After proofreading and correction by our editors and proofreaders, our Copywriter transmits the draft to our Project Manager, who ensures the quality of the copy before sending it to you to collect your feedback, remarks and / or modifications.

Our Project Manager then will work with you on a specific content strategy, that is needed to perfect the tone and editorial style, and most importantly, SEO-optimisation.

Step 5. Review and Correction

It’s time to improve your content based on your feedback!

Step 6. Final version

We will send you the final version that will be improved further if necessary. Our goal is to deliver content that meets your expectations, keeping in the minds of your target audience.

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