Chinese Social Media & Copywriting

Chinese Social Media is more than a socialising tool. It’s China’s new market place!

Free consultation on Social Media platforms compatibility! We only work with the channels that perform best for your product!

Social Media Management

We’re here to help set up and manage your Chinese social media channels.

chinese social media
  • Chinese Social Media Setup

We will take care of all the documents required with the minimum of fuss. You can take over your account at any time.

  • Chinese  Social Media Strategy

We provide a tailor-made social media strategy according to the product or service type, target audience and project’s objectives, delivering measurable results

  • Chinese Social Media Listening

Wonder what do your costumers already know about your brand? We will collect all relevant data out there to analyse your product’s overall performance in its niche, determine your opportunities and point out challenges.

  • Chinese Social Media Competitor Analysis

We provide a full picture of your product’s local and international competition within China on a social media, analysing competitor’s Social Media strategy.

  • Social Content Creation

Copywriting, video subtitling, adapting your existing content in line with the Chinese market, and making it emotional are the key areas we explore, in order to make your China-specific social media marketing successful.

  • Community Management

Interaction with your fans and creation of a social media buzz will have a positive effect on your brand awareness in China.

  • Creative Campaigns

We create campaigns for niche products and unique businesses, taking into account your budget and other aspects that are important to you.

  • KOL Support

We engage with your target audience through people they trust! Cooperation with local Influencers will improve your brand recognition and drive up your sales!

chinese social media

PR and Advertising in China

chinese social media
  • Media Buying

Successful social media campaigns or content marketing will often include paid boosts and paid content distribution.

  • PR Distribution

We have more than 10,000 journals, web partners and other media channels in China on which to promote your content.

  • Content

We prepare your Press releases and interviews to assure the growth of your brand recognition.

  • ROI and Analytics

Data doesn’t lie. We work with brands to understand and ensure the set goals are achieved, and the insights are clear and easy.

English copywriting service: In Web or Print form, Copywriting for all!

Creativity and style! HI-COM’s teams are well-known for their ability to adopt to their clients’ target style. HI-COM is more than just an English copywriting service, we are a creative production team! Hundreds of clients trust us with online and offline marketing material, website writing and content re-branding. We work with all media types including websitesbrochuresnewsletters and direct mail, scriptsspeeches, and press releases. The main difference between HI-COM and other copywriting agencies is that we put your target audience first! We make sure that English copywriting service, as well as Chinese copywriting service is up to the highest standards.




What makes HI-COM a special Social Media Copywriting agency ?

  • We put your target audience first
  • We preserve the tone of you brand voice
  • We work only with native speakers
  • We guarantee SEO optimisation for your web content
  • Our copywriting team is a combo of a project manager, a copywriting, an editor, a proofreader and a creative director!
  • Transcreation plays a big role when working with your content for local markets as part of your localisation strategy



You may not know it, but copywriting is not just about conveying your idea in a certain linguistic style. You still need your potential customers to find your content on the top of their search results. That’s why using an experienced SEO copywriter is one of the best decisions you could make, that will save you a lot of time and money! English copywriting service is what we do well!

The time you save can be invested in improving and adding to your content. With detailed, relevant and SEO-friendly content, your website’s ranking will rise rapidly, along with your brand awareness and your business growth!

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