Proofreading and Copy-editing Service

Why do you need proofreading?

In today’s competitive economy, first impressions last.  It is paramount to have flawless and professional content to create the best impression and maintain a credible reputation within your industry and with your wider audience.  In our industry, it is customary to have an independent proof-reader.  It is important to have a fresh pair of eyes to check that your content reads smoothly and is free of typos or grammatical errors.

Here at HI-COM we work with all types of content and documents every day to ensure the accuracy of our clients’ materials.

Proofreading is not only about checking the spelling and grammar, it is also about reviewing and improving the style and tone of your material, to ensure it aligns well with your intended audience.

What is Copy-Editing?

Copy-editing is a recreation of a given text into a new style, with significant changes in vocabulary and information flow, in order to improve readability, consistency and free the text of errors and repetition.

HI-COM copy-editing services include:

  • Books editing
  • Magazines article editing
  • Website editing
  • Catalogue editing
  • Corporate presentations
  • Flyer editing
  • Document draft editing
  • Menu editing
  • Business proposal editing
  • Scenarios and scripts editing
  • Other documents
Stéphane ChouryProofreading and Copy-editing Service