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Translation to Chinese Chinese Translation Services for Over 40 Source Languages

HI-COM provides a full suite of services for businesses and individuals looking to get their documents translated into Chinese, ranging from document translation, technical document translation, and marketing translation.

Chinese Language

The Chinese language is not only the official language of China, the world’s second largest economy, but it is also widely used across the world by Chinese diaspora, even serving as an official language of Singapore. With 16% of the world’s population speaking Chinese as their first language, it second only to English as the most important target translation language.

As one of the oldest written language systems still in use today, the Chinese language is full of idiomatic expressions and vocabulary that draws upon its rich cultural heritage. This requires translators to not only have a comprehensive understanding of both the source language and Chinese, but also a deep familiarity with Chinese culture and history.

To add to the complexity, there are variations within both written and spoken Chinese.

Chinese Language
Chinese Language-2

While spoken Chinese is diverse enough to be considered an entire language family by linguists, Mandarin Chinese serves as the lingua franca across most of the Sinophone world, with the exception of the Cantonese dialect speaking Chinese territories of Macau and Hong Kong.

While spoken Chinese is not mutually intelligible across dialects, written Chinese bridges this divide, being universally readable across dialects. However, written Chinese is split between two writing systems – the traditional system and the simplified system. The official writing system for Chinese in Singapore and mainland China is simplified script while Taiwan, Macau, and Hong Kong use traditional script.

Luckily for those looking to translate their documents, aside from regional colloquialisms, written Chinese is standardized across the Sinophone world. And while most Chinese educated in one writing system can, albeit not comfortably, read the other system, HI-COM provides translation services to for both traditional and simplified writing systems.

Translation Pairs

  • French is the fifth most spoken language in the world. Most notably, it is the official language of France, the seventh largest economy in the world and one of the most influential members of the EU, China’s second largest trading partner. French is also the official language of many African nations with strong economic ties to China such as the Congo, Cameroon, and more.

HI-COM Translation Process

Translation Process

At HI-COM, we work closely with our network of certified Chinese translators, all of whom have proven their skills through years of professional translating experience with HI-COM. As a China-based company, HI-COM has spent years cultivating strong relationships with a vast network of translators with expertise ranging from law to medicine to business and the capacity to translate over 40 different source languages into Chinese.

The size and quality of our network enables us to provide professional translation work with fast turnaround, all while keeping prices affordable.

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Clients can easily request a free quotation from HI-COM for any of their translation needs. After clients upload their source document, HI-COM will provide a quote within 24 hours. If clients accept the quote, they will be able to receive their translated document within 72 hours or sooner for urgent work.

For every translation project, HI-COM creates a project team composed of a project manager, translator, and a proofreader. We handpick the most suitable translator from our network, ensuring every translator’s experience and expertise is tailored to the specific needs of the project. We guarantee each translator is a native Chinese speaker with intimate knowledge of the relevant field and industry of the project.

After the initial translation is complete, the project team in charge of the project will remain at the client’s disposal for any modifications or additional requests.

Examples of Our Chinese Translation Work

HI-COM’s Confidentiality Guarantee

As a provider of a full suite of translation services, including for legal and medical fields, HI-COM understands the importance of privacy.

HI-COM clients have ranged from organizers of industry summits to hosts of inter-governmental talks, all of which require us to take client confidentiality extremely seriously.

We not only ensure our network of interpreters abide by strict professional guidelines regarding confidentiality, but we also offer non-disclosure agreements for complete peace of mind for our clients.

Translation Services Offered

Whether you are a business looking to expand operations into the Chinese market or an individual looking to get legal paperwork translated for working or living in China, HI-COM has got you covered. As a one-stop-shop for all translation related services, HI-COM has been providing quality translation work for the past half a decade in China, with a vast network of translators working in every major field.


HI-COM provides technical translation services for all technical documents, including user guides, patents, technical drawings, and material data safety sheets. By carefully selecting professional native Chinese speaking translators with experience in the specific industry of your field, we ensure that all technical translations contain accurate terminology and precise language.

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Certified Translations

HI-COM’s extensive network of certified Chinese translators has the capacity to cover the full range of official document translations.

Whether it be for labor contracts, insurance documents, visas, letters of recommendation, CVs, diplomas, grade cards, criminal record notes, foreign bank loans, cross-border business licenses, international school registration, and mixed nationality marriage certificates, HI-COM can help provide you with the perfect certified Chinese translator for your needs.


As a China-based company, HI-COM are natives of the Chinese market – this means we are natives of the vast Chinese digital ecosystem. Over the years, HI-COM has helped numerous overseas businesses establish a digital presence on the Chinese market, with projects encompassing website translation, Chinese search engine SEO optimization, and Chinese e-commerce/social media strategy.

By choosing HI-COM as a partner in your business’s marketing campaigns in China means choosing a local partner who can help you navigate the dynamic and fast paced world of Chinese digital marketing.

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