Kate is a writer and a marketing director @HI-COM. Living and working in China for the past 14 years, she has observed the rapid progress of the country, analysed hundreds of digital and business trends, helped clients to enter and excel in the Chinese digital market.

Translate a website to Chinese: all you need to know in 2020!

How to translate a website to Chinese in order to enlarge this huge audience and reach local markets? When coming to emerging markets such as China, Brazil, Russia booming imports and e-commerce markets have made these counties and cultures impossible to avoid. In this article we will describe how to translate a website and show you how to avoid problems when localizing it.

Kate CHERNAVINATranslate a website to Chinese: all you need to know in 2020!
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Entering the Chinese Market: 10 Things Brands Need To Do

Over the past decade, marketing in China has become increasingly more internet-based. This has forced foreign and domestic companies that enter the Chinese market to become mobile-friendly, in order to allow instant access to customers. Along with the success and multiple uses of social media apps, it is no surprise to know that consumers have infinite information at their fingertips. It is therefore up to companies and brands to utilize this information in order to better connect with potential customers in specific markets.

Kate CHERNAVINAEntering the Chinese Market: 10 Things Brands Need To Do
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Supporting Xiersen Children’s Center

We are honoured to help our friends at Xiersen, an ambassador of special needs community, by translating educational materials that will be used for training parents, caretakers, and special education professionals. In times like these, let’s not forget to help each other, especially our vulnerable members of society.

Kate CHERNAVINASupporting Xiersen Children’s Center
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5 social e-commerce solutions in China besides Tmall

Besides opening a Tmall store, what are the other options when entering China’s e-commerce market?

China’s e-commerce platforms have millions of internet users and target a wide variety of online consumer groups. E-commerce platforms provide multiple interaction opportunities for consumers and make it more convenient for companies to improve their  products based on the needs of their customers – therefore, helping to enrich their brand. Today, more and more international brands are turning to cross-border e-commerce when entering the Chinese market.

Kate CHERNAVINA5 social e-commerce solutions in China besides Tmall
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8 common mistakes companies make when dealing with translations

8 major mistakes that almost all companies make when they are in need of a translation for the first time. Translation mistakes are common but avoidable! How to avoid making mistakes when working with translation? That path is bumpy, time-consuming and stressful. So before you make any snap decisions, check out these steps and make sure you don’t slip down the same slope as many others did before you.

Kate CHERNAVINA8 common mistakes companies make when dealing with translations
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HI-COM at French National Day in Hangzhou

We were honoured to support the French National Day celebrations in Hangzhou on July 11, organised by Aeroluxus. The event was attended by the Consul General of France in Shanghai, Benoît Guidée, and the Hangzhou Municipality was represented by the Director of the Foreign Office. Some of France and China’s most successful entrepreneurs also attended.

Kate CHERNAVINAHI-COM at French National Day in Hangzhou
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