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Top 20 Chinese Social Media Sites of 2020

Have you ever wondered which Chinese social media sites are the most popular? Here is out Top 20 Chinese Social Media Sites for the year 2020! 

– or WeiPingHui
– Huya – game streaming heaven
– Pingduoduo – The cheaper Taobao
– Zhihu – The Chinese version of Quora
– Tencent‘s Qzone, QQ – The Chinese version of Messenger
– Meituan’s  Dianping– The Chinese version of Yelp
– Taobao and Tmall’s Weitao
– Nice: photo sharing
– Youku – Youtube of China
– Tencent video
– Yinke: live streaming
– Yizhibo: live streaming
– Xiaohongshu (or RED): Shopping and product reviews
– Meipai: Short Video and Livestream
– Douyin or Tik Tok
– Weibo – Facebook of China
– WeChat

Here is an update of last year’s article with the new popular social media sites and apps in China. We will also look at demographics and the role of social media in China.

Every second 486 Wechat articles are published in China, 166 rooms booked on Qunar, 115,740 Q&A’s on Zhihu, and 3,472 orders placed on E’leme, and over 62% of people open the WeChat app more than 10 times a day. The role of social media in China is huge as it not only entertains but also influences food, life, and fashion choices, provides makeup and homestyle reviews, and advises on holiday spots: therefore consuming a large amount of the work time of white-collar citizens.

FAQ about Social media sites in China

  • Is Western social media used in China?
  • The only Western platform available in China is Linkedin. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube are all banned in China.
  • What is China’s version of Instagram? 
  • Even though there is no a very close version of Instagram in China, apps like Xiaohongshu/Little Red Book/ Weibo mobile, WeChat (Moments feature) are sharing many points in common with Instagram.
  • What is China’s version of Facebook?
  • With similar popularity and features, Weibo is considered to be the Chinese Facebook
  • What is the most popular Social media app in China? 
  • The most popular app in China is WeChat with 1 billion registered users.

Chinese Top Social Media Sites and Apps in 2020

With a population of over 1.4 billion people, China is still one of the most “connected” countries in the world, with 79% of its population being active social media users (vs. 71% last year) and spending on average 5-6 hours on the internet per day.  Eighty-nine percent of its population watch videos, 71% watch streams, 53% play live-streamed video games, and 74% shop online using their mobile phones. With this in mind, it comes as no surprise to know that the Chinese Social Media Ecosystem is highly segmented and each platform or app has its own place under the “sun”. Whilst E-commerce plays an important role in the economy and fills a large part of the digital ecosystem, video is now the second-largest segment based on the number of apps and video platforms regualrly used.

chinese digital ecosystem

Kantar Media’s China Social Media landscape 2018

Which apps do people spend all their time and money on? 

According to research carried out by Hootsuite in January 2019, the most “active” apps in China are WeChat, followed by QQ and Alipay.

top chinese app

Image by Hootsuite/We are social, January 2019

If you are familiar with Chinese Social media, you will know that WeChat is undoubtedly the most popular platform. It was the most downloaded and most used APP in China last year and the users are still increasing.

WeChat is available throughout the day, from when you wake up, to when you pay for breakfast or call a cab.

one day of WeChat user

A Typical Day of a WeChat User

Advice marketing is a hot topic in China.

Due to previous production and fake import scandals (sometimes with lethal outcomes), consumers are not so trusting of official advertisements in China anymore. Instead, they prefer to follow what other consumers are saying and doing.  As a result, the idea of providing online advice and recommendations to others has now become a well-paid-for service.  As a result of this new type of marketing – Key Opinion Leader marketing (also known as KOL marketing), China is now one of the most popular places for brands to use this type of interactive service.

In this article, I will discuss the top social media platforms for Chinese consumers, where to look for Chinese KOLs and the best types of Social media used for this style of marketing.

toutiao chinese social media

20. JingRi Toutiao (Today’s headlines) – Chinese UGC news

JingRi Toutiao Media Platform is a media/self-media platform under “Today’s Headline”, which is dedicated to helping enterprises, institutions, media and self-media to get more exposure and attention. With 400 million registered users and 40 million active users every day, who wouldn’t want to have a piece of this large online audience? However, the Toutiao account is difficult to apply for and is particularly easy to get banned.

Users high-quality content will get more exposure through the use of powerful intelligent recommendation algorithm, while the industry-leading weight elimination protection mechanism, will keep the original from infringement worries.

The platform can publish videos, questions and answers. Also marked in red, “Recommended” means that the platform supports this content.

However, Today’s Headline is a professional information publishing platform launched for the media, national institutions and enterprises. It is committed to helping content producers efficiently gain more exposure and attention on the mobile internet.  As of the end of November 2016, more than 390,000 individuals and organizations have registered with Headlines. With roughly 300,000 Headlines accounts from the media, and about 90,000 Headlines accounts from other types of government, media, and companies.


bilibili19. BiliBili


Bilibili (Chinese name: 哔哩哔哩), is the leading cultural community for young people in China. This platform was created on 26th June 2009 and is called “B station” for short, by its fans. Many popular online words have originated from B Station.

The main feature of B station is the real-time comment function floating above the video. Fans call it a “barrage”. This unique video experience allows the internet-based barrage to exceed the limit of time and space to build wonderful synchronicity. The platform has a virtual tribal movie-viewing atmosphere, making B Station a cultural community with interactive sharing.

chinese social media douban18. Douban

Founded in 2005, Douban is a forum dedicated to books, movies, music, podcasts (Douban FM) and now pets!

With 227.49 million monthly active users as of April 2019, Douban is one of the best platforms for word-of-mouth marketing when it comes to entertainment. 

Douban has recently added a group function, where people can join into groups if they have common interests! People rely on this platform’s ranking to choose to watch a tv show or a movie.


17. or WeiPingHui

Q: What type of media is it?

A: Cross Border E-commerce/Shopping 

Q: How many monthly active users are there?

A: 29,7 million (14% race from 2018)

Founded in August 2008, VIP is one of the Top social media apps in Chian.  It is a discounted fashion and lifestyle e-commerce platform. With the idea of “discounted & limited time to purchase and the guarantee of authenticity”. VIP is claiming to be the third-largest e-commerce platform with total net revenue of 84.5 billion RMB.  In 2018, there was an increase of 15.9% in comparison to the previous year.

WeiPingHui is also the most downloaded app of 2018 in the fashion and lifestyle category.

Foreign and local brands join in order to provide a more exclusive shopping experience for their customers.

On 13th November 2019, released its financial report for the third quarter of 2019 as of 30th September, with total net revenue of RMB 19.6 billion (approximately $ 2.7 billion), an increase of 10 from 17.8 billion in the same period last year.  Whilst the gross merchandise (GMV) was 31.7 billion yuan, which shows an increase of 17% from 27.2 billion yuan in the same period last year.

chinese social media - weipinghui

chinese social media, huya

16. Huya – game streaming heaven

Q: What type of media is it?

A: Gaming Video Platform / Livestream 

Q: How many MAU (monthly active users) are there?

A:  There are 144 million (of which 55.9 million are mobile users)

Huya was 2018’s most popular video streaming platform. It is home to the KOLs and fans of the gaming industry. Positioning itself as an interactive live platform, Huya claims to have 200 million registered users. It provides live broadcasts of popular games, e-game competitions, and Game star/KOL broadcasts.

The team of Huya invests its main resources to provide users with a clear, fast and smooth live viewing experience. Users can interact with the host in real-time, in the form of texting and socializing with their gaming idols. As of the first quarter of 2018, Huya Live has about 92.9 million monthly active visitors, and 41.5 million mobile monthly active visitors. The user stickiness and platform interaction remain at a very high level, with an average daily viewing time of 135 minutes.

chinese social media, gaming huya


15. Pingduoduo – the cheaper Taobao

Q: What type of media is it?

A: Group buy 

Q: How many AAU (annual active users) are there?

A: 418.5 million 

Established in September 2015 by Shanghai XunMeng Technology, before going public in the US in 2016, Pingduoduo became last year’s second most downloaded app in China. Pingduoduo is a third-party social e-commerce platform focusing on C2B conglomeration. As of November 2018, the app became available on the Apple Store.

According to RenMing Wang, the company has reached 300 million users. In 2017, GMV (Gross Merchandise Volume) exceeded 100 billion RMB. Pingduoduo is now one of the top social media apps.

This year, Pingduoduo has become the second-biggest Chinese e-commerce company, according to A5 Venture Network (stated on 25th January 2019). The stock price of Pinduoduo increased by 7.76% on Thursday in the US. According to Bloomberg, the estimated market value of Pinduoduo is reported to be 32.014 billion USD – exceeding the market value of!

UBS predicts that in 2021, Pinduoduo ’s annual active users will reach 628 million, which is the same as the number of people using Alibaba Group at the end of 2018. In 2023, Pinduoduo ’s annual average consumption will reach 3823 yuan, surpassing the high customer price that JD currently represents. UBS analysts pointed out that China’s ever-growing e-commerce market volume is enough for Alibaba and Pinduoduo to coexist in the next period of time. UBS also believes that the C2M practiced by Pinduoduo based on the new e-commerce model represents the future development direction of e-commerce. However, it is also important to recognize that Pinduoduo is still in its infancy and cannot be guaranteed to be successful.

What’s their angle: Users buy discounted goods by forming groups with friends, family members, and neighbours, etc.

Chinese social media pingduoduo


chinese social media, app zhihu

14. Zhihu – Chinese version of Quora

Q: What type of media is it?

A: Wiki/ Knowledge  

Q: How many AAU (annual active users) are there?

A: 220 million 

Recognized as the biggest Q&A platform in China, Zhihu was included in the TOP 30 most influential platforms of China in 2017. Soon after, Zhihu launched “Zhihu university” in 2018.

The course system includes Zhihu Live and the newly launched “Zhuhu Private Class” at the end of 2017. It includes both audio and video, a single course for fragmented learning and a series of longer courses that require more time and effort. The book-system includes e-books and audio books, as well as a “Know the Book Club” section, which was launched in early 2018 to help users disassemble and analyze books.

Zhihu is a much more serious platform than Quora and attracts industry professionals to share their opinions and advice. Unintellectual or childish questions are not well received on the platform and are often not published on Zhihu.

Programmers, managers, founders, CEOs, etc. are the top occupations of Zhihu users.

zhihu user base occupation Chinese social media

As seen in the graph below, the users of Zhihu are primarily located in first-tier Chinese cities.  This reflects the analysis results that show Zhihu users tend to be more engaged in the Internet, finance and other industries.

zhihu user demographicTo learn more about Zhihu as a marketing tool please refer to our article: All about Zhihu 

13. Tencent‘s Qzone, QQ – The Chinese version of Messenger

Q: What type of media is it?

A: Messenger 

Q: How many AAU (annual active users) are there?

A: 783 million

Creator of Wechat, QQ zone, QQ Messenger, and dozens of sub-branded products, Tencent is one of the first innovators of Chinese software development.

Today, is a popular search engine (connected to WeChat) and QQ mail is one of the most used emailing services for personal and industrial use.  QQ music and v.qq are the two entertainment platforms, QQ zone is one of the core platforms of Tencent Group where all the members of the QQ group feel comfortable. As of January 2019, Tencent Video is the 7th biggest app in China in terms of monthly active users.

Tencent announced its quarterly results as of 16th June 2018. For the first time, Tencent’s WeChat users exceeded 1 billion, and Tencent’s QQ reached 783 million active users.

chinese social media tencent 2019 qq wechat

QQ Messangers’ monthly active users reached 861M, out of which 678M use QQ on smart phones, with a record of 266M users being online at the same time. WeChat’s combined user database on both Chinese and English versions amounts to 938M monthly active users.



12. Meituan’s Dianping – The Chinese version of Yelp

Q: What type of media is it?

A: Review, Directory   

Q: How many AAU (annual active users) are there?

A: 310 million

Released in 2003, and backed by Google and Tencent, Dazhong Dianping is the leading local life information and review platform in China. This popular App/Platform not only provides information services such as business information, consumer reviews and consumer preferences but it also provides Online-To-Offline trading services such as group buying, restaurant booking, takeout and electronic membership cards.

Meituan Dianping or just Dianping is an important platform if you are wishing to attract Chinese offline customers to hotels, restaurants, tourist sites and workshops. Not only it is useful for businesses in China, but Dianping is also present in more than 200 countries!

Dianping is one of the reasons foreign locations are becoming so popular among Chinese tourists as it is the go-to guide when visiting new cities.


Want to know how to use it or how to list your business on Dianping? Learn more about Dianping in our previous article.

Dazhong Dianping guide1

chinese social media, weitao11. Taobao’s/Tmall’s Weitao

Q: What type of media is it?

A: Blogging  

Q: How many MAU (monthly active users) are there?

A: 60 million

Taobao is the 4th most popular app in China. It provides comfortable living with instant shopping and instant delivery service. Making tremendous sales volumes on self-created shopping festivals such as Double 11, Singles Day, Double 12, 618 (June 18th) and more, the Taobao platform is still the number one shopping site in China.

In 2013, Alibaba introduced Weitao. But Weitao’s success came as the KOL of China began working closely with both Weitao and Taobao brands. Weitao is a private shopping assistant/blog for Taobao/Tmall customers.  it offers location-based shopping guidance and an in-depth product introduction for store owners, and free and convenient blogging tools for reviewers.

Last year Taobao added a video introduction to a product (feature image is now a featured video), making videos available for all bloggers on Weitao. This year (2019), Alibaba implemented a live stream option for content creators and store owners, making entertainment a big part of the e-commerce experience.

The core of Weitao is to create a user-centric Taobao experience instead of sharing traffic with other third-party review and recommendation services. Every user has his or her own account, areas of interest, access to information and services through subscription, and the interaction between operators and fans can be generated around that account.

There are 3 types of accounts that can be created on Weitao: Influencer Account, Store Account or Brand station.

Today, Weitao is one of the most important tools for celebrities and KOL to effectively communicate with their audiences.

Chinese social media weitao
taobao KOL by hicom fangbingbing


Other than celebrities and top KOL, Weitao is a great tool for brands, retailers and small content creators to engage with their audience and generate sales.

réseaux sociaux chinois, weitao, taobao

Weitao page of blog "Prettyshare" Kate Zhou

réseaux sociaux chinois, weitao, taobao

A screenshot of Weitao feeds on March 2019

réseaux sociaux chinois, weitao, taobao

Weitao page of blog "Prettyshare" Kate Zhou


To learn more about Taobao, please see our article.

10. Nice

Q: What type of media is it?

A: Photo sharing

Q: How many registered users does it have?

A: 30 million

Chinese social media nice

Main Capabilities and Functions:

NICE is a social software based on images and tags.

Photo + tag play makes the photos more meaningful. The social element of the software allows you to meet people who share a common lifestyle or have common interests. Take a photo – select a filter effect – select a sticker – tag photos – post.

The photos can be automatically saved in the album and can be easily synchronized to Weibo, WeChat, and QQ Zone.  On the home page, you can send pushes, navigate, search, and send messages. Nice has all types of filters, stickers and other functions to make your photos fun.  However, its core feature is adding tags to places and people.

Q: Who are the main users?

  1. Young people.
  2. Mostly female.

Chinese Social Media Platforms That bring fast conversion

Chinese social media nice age distribution

9. Youku – Youtube of China and a Top social media platform


Q: What type of social media platform is it?

A: Video

Q: How many registered users does it have?

A: 580 million

Chinese social media youku

Main Abilities and Functions:  

Youku was founded on 21st June 2006. It is a video platform run by the Youku Group of Alibaba. Currently, Youku and Tudou are two major video platforms covering more than 580 million multi-screen terminals with a daily playback volume of 1.18 billion. They can be viewed on PC, TVs, and mobile phones. Both platforms are copyrighted, compatible, self-channeled, and support VR and live broadcasts. Youku covers memberships, games, payments, smart hardware, content production, and announcements.

Q: Who uses it most?

Most of its users are aged between 20-40

Chinese social media youku demographic



chinese social media, tencent8. Tencent video


Q: What type of social media platform is it?

A: Video

Q: How many monthly active users?

A: 74 million

Released in April 2011, Tencent video is an online video platform with popular content and professional media operation capabilities. It is a comprehensive video content platform that combines popular TV, variety of entertainment, sports events, news and information. It provides users with high-definition and video entertainment on PCs, mobiles and TVs. Tencent  Video is the 4th most downloaded Chinese app in 2018.

On 15th October 2018, at the Cannes Autumn Film Fair, Tencent Video and BBC Studios officially announced the collaboration of the “BBC Earth Tribe” – in order to increase the community of BBC fans.

As of 30th September 2018, Tencent had 82 million paid video members.


Chinese Social Media Platforms that focus on livestream

7. Yinke

As the main competitor of Meipai, Yinke marketed its app with the help of Korean star, LiuTao.

Q: What type of media is it?

A: Live Streaming  

Q: How many registered users does it have?

A: 140 million

Chinese social media yingke

Main Abilities and Functions:

In July 2018, Yinke was listed in the Hong Kong stock exchange and became the first live entertainment broadcaster. From the very beginning, the proposed IPO of Yingke Hong Kong raised HK$1.512 billion, or 1.271 billion yuan.

Yinke is a real-time Chinese live-streaming media platform developed by Beijing Honeywell Network Technology Co., Ltd, with minimal product design and new dynamic peer-to-peer mode. Yinke users are experiencing a truly interactive era of live broadcasting. Anyone is able to watch broadcasts or broadcast themselves, and send and receive gifts (that are purchased with real money and can be cashed out and transferred to a bank account). Users can broadcast to the public or a private group.

Q: Who uses it most?

  1. The majority of the users are young people.
  2. Male users outnumber female users.

Chinese social media yingke

6. Yizhibo

Q: What type of media is it?

A: Live Streaming     

Q: How many registered users are there?

A: unknown

Chinese social media

Main Abilities and Functions:

Officially launched On 13th May 2016, Yizhibo teamed up with Weibo as a Chinese live-streaming app and a strategic partner to support the live broadcast function of Weibo.

YIzhibo has more or less the same functions as Yinke. Selecting an Avatar on YIzhibo is crucial, as it may affect how many people join the live “room”, therefore it’s in the users’ interest to spend some time perfecting their Avatar!

Q: Who uses it most?   

Chinese social media yizhibo

Chinese Social Media Platforms for e-commerce


5. Xiaohongshu or RED

Q: What type of media is it?

A: Shopping and product reviews

Q: How many registered users are there?

A: 70 million

Chinese social media xiaohongshu

Xiaohongshu (also known as RED), is a Chinese social media site that is more of an online community. It is also a cross-border e-commerce business, a sharing platform, and a reputation database. The users of Xiao Hong Shu, are both consumers and sharers. Users can buy products on the app, and enjoy the benefits of cross-border businesses in China. Due to Xiaohongshu having the option to leave reviews, it has now become one of the most famous review marketing platforms in China’s digital age.

Xiaohongshu is a lifestyle platform and consumption decision portal for young people. Founded by Mao Wenchao and Qu Fang in Shanghai in 2013, Xiaohongshu’s objective is to encourage a good life. When using Xiaohongshu, users capture their lives with short videos, pictures and text. As of July 2019, the number of Xiaohongshu users exceeded 300 million, which then continued to grow rapidly.

red xiaohongshu demographic Chinese social media

From traditional commerce to the current internet industry, female social attributes encourage them to spend more, which is the main reason that Xiaohongshu targets women.

In terms of age distribution, users under the age of 30 account for nearly 70%. Among them, users under the age of 24 account for roughly 40%, whilst users between the age of 2430 account for about 30 %.

In terms of spending power distribution, among the users of Xiaohongshu, medium and high consumers accounted for more. Whilst the proportion of low consumers has recently increased rapidly.

It is speculated that the original Xiaohongshu, which was an experience-sharing platform for Haitao (the overseas product market of Jingdong), has accumulated a lot of middle-to-high consumers with older Haitao target users.

The recent advertisement for Xiaohongshu with celebrity presence has attracted younger students with lower spending power.  From the distribution of the provinces, it can be seen that the users of Xiaohongshu is more popular in developed coastal provinces, with Guangdong Province having the most users.

The platform has its own influencer marketing solution, where it acts as an agent platform for all KOL accounts to accept advertising on RED.

Learn more about RED in our article.


4. Meipai

Q: What type of Chinese social media site is it?

A: Short Video & Livestream

Q: How many registered users are there?

A: 140 million 

Chinese social media meipai

Main Abilities and Functions:

Although another Chinese live-streaming app, Mei Pai is a favorite software application for young people who love to broadcast live, short videos including beauty content, talent shows, food shows, music, hot topics, and original and funny videos. After its launch in May 2014, the company won the #1 Free App Store Championship for 24 consecutive days.  It became the number one non-game app downloaded on the App Store worldwide. Today, there is a Mei University that teaches you how to shoot videos.

Q: Who uses it most?

  1. 65% of Meipai users are under the age of 24.
  2. Meipai users are mostly female.

Chinese social media meipai kuaishou




3. Douyin

Q: What type of Chinese social media app is it?

A: Short Videos

Q: How many registered users?

A: 1 billion

Chinese Social Media Platforms douyin

Douyin is a social software application used to shoot short videos and is one of the top Chinese live-streaming apps. Targetting young people, the software was launched in September 2016 and is a 15-second short video community. Users can use this platform to select songs, shoot short videos, form their own MV works and share with their friends or followers. This APP has been launched on Android’s major app stores and the APP Store.

Q: Who uses it most?                                     

  1. The majority of the users are young people.
  2. There are more female users than male users.

Chinese Social Media Platforms douyin genrer



2. Weibo – Facebook of China

 Q: What type of Chinese social media site is it?

 A: Blog

Q: How many registered users are there?

A: 400 million

Weibo, the abbreviation of MicroBlog, is a blogging platform used for social networking and sharing short real-time messages. Referred to as the Twitter of China, Weibo is a complex platform with various types of native adverting, semi-targeted boosts and even a live stream option.

Chinese social media nike account in china

Main Abilities and Functions:

  • Originally a text limited to only 140 characters per post, Weibo has now increased its character limit and encourages longer posts. The idea is to post thoughts or updates to your online followers (similar to Facebook).
  • Weibo is a tool for communication. With the ability to follow people or organizations of interest in order to view their updates. Others can also follow you, which is how to build up a fan base.
  • To increase online attention, users can discuss trending topics and interact with others.
  • Like Instagram, the @ symbol is used to mention others. Hashtags are also commonly used for searching topics (Weibo introduced this years before Instagram’s “follow the hashtag” add on).
  • You can comment on and forward other people’s posts. For more privacy, you can chat through private messages.
  • You can also use your phone to log into Weibo via the Weibo app when on the go.
  • Weibo also has a lot of fun features, such as the acquisition of medals and adding applications (Weibo Square is the place to view them).  Microblogging activites are also a lot of fun.
  • Livestream
  • Video Vlogs

Q: Who uses it most?

A: Males use it slightly more than females.

Chinese Social Media Platforms


Which social media platform has the largest user base?

1. WeChat – China’s Top 1 App, Chinese Instagram, Chinese Whatapp, and Chinese Online banking – all in one!

Q: What type of Chinese social media app is it?

A: Instant Messenger & Photo/Video Timeline sharing

Q: How many registered users are there?

A: There are over 1 billion users 

Main Abilities and Functions:

WeChat is a chat tool launched by Tencent, used originally to send voice messages, videos, pictures and texts over the Internet. It supports multi-group chats and users can use WeChat and friends to send fun communications such as SMS, MMS, GIF, Video calls, etc.  The WeChat software itself is free of charge, but the Internet traffic charges generated by WeChat are instead charged by the network operator.

WeChat supports mini programmes built separatley by brands and companies. Similar to the other apps they aim to sell, engage or entertain.  Inbuilt apps on WeChat include movie tickets, utility payments, mobile top-ups, and much more.

Wechat ecosystem 2019

Adding WeChat friends and where your friends come from

Some of the most common ways to add WeChat friends is by searching via phone number, scanning a friend/business’ WeChat QR code, adding from the QQ friends list or a mobile phone contact list, or by shaking your phone and using the “find people nearby” function.

Some of the most common messaging features are instant voice messages, video chats, Wechat calls and the walkie-talkie feature.

Your own photo/video timeline or “Moment”.

Wechat has given every user a “wall”, which is a space where you share the “moments” of your life via photos, videos, posts, music etc.  However, only confirmed friends can see it which makes wechat a much more private platform.

Business functions.

Wechat is widely used for business promotion because it allows you to create business accounts and add followers or future followers to the account. Many accounts have a special purpose such as deals, sign-ups, blogs, etc. whilst other accounts display general company info with a live blog.

WeChat’s mini-apps allow people to use partner services, such as calling a taxi, booking hospital appointments and paying bills.

WeChat pay. The reason Wechat has gdone so well in China is due to its easy payment system. By simply scanning a WeChat QR code, you can pay for items via your WeChat wallet (attached bank account).

Who uses it? 

  1. More than 80% of WeChat users are under the age of 50
  2. Middle-aged and elderly is increasing each year

How to start using Chinese social media sites and Chinese social media apps for your business in 2020?

Your choice of social media channel will depend on the type of business you are running. But generally speaking, most people in China are listening to advice (RED, Weibo), reading entertaining and educational content (Wechat), and watching videos (Youku, Douyin, Yizhibo). Many young men and women spend their time on Taobao and Tmall in search of new or interesting products, whilst the older generation are searching for good deals.

Most platforms have shopping options, whilst almost all platforms are interactive. The landscape of Chinese social media is tremendous, which makes it very easy to get confused. So where should you start? Here are helpful some tips:

Don’t start a Chinese social media account just for the sake of having one

Brands often open accounts in hope that Chinese people will actively look for them – but they won’t. Similar to the West, Chinese people are fed up with excessive information. If your brand’s account doesn’t bring any value to the follower’s life e.g. memberships, games, access etc., you will struggle to increase your followers.

Don’t open an account if you don’t plan to bring value to customers

The most successful accounts on WeChat and other platforms are those that are interactive and not read. WeChat is a great gateway to a brand’s membership platform, with off-line location maps, and showroom’s displaying the latest collections.

Similar to Facebook and Linkedin, most Chinese social media sites and apps will bring down visibility on purpose so that brand’s spend more money on advertising. Even though there are some “creative” ways to reach out on “open” platform’s like Weibo, apps such as Wechat are “closed” as only friends can see updates.

Weibo also bans QR code promotions, unless businesses are able to find a way to get followers on WeChat with offline or online campaigns, otherwise targeted WeChat advertising is the best option.

WeChat Advertising: Types of Ads, CPM, PPC Prices

Find the best Chinese social media sites and apps to support your e-commerce retail solution

Whether or not your brand has a wide follower base on Weibo or Douyin, it is still important to connect your e-commerce links to social media platforms. Our next article discusses connecting Chinese social media platforms to e-commerce solutions. Read the article here.

More about Most creative Chinese Apps to watch in 2020!

If you have any questions or would like more information, please feel free get in touch.

HI-COM is a Chinese digital localization agency helping businesses enter the Chinese market without uneccessary hassle. From brand names and content localization to Chinese influencer marketing, our team will find the best solution for your business. 

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