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How to attract chinese students abroad – HI-COM

Attracting, selecting and recruiting the best foreign students remains a challenge for business and engineering schools and also universities.

Nevertheless, offering them a 6-month or 1-year university exchange in partnership with their home school is no longer enough to determine the level of attractiveness and global influence of a school. Indeed, instead of the number of traditional exchange students, it is now the number of foreign students following programs over their entire duration (4 to 5 years) that constitutes how attractive an institution is.

Marie CASTANOHow to attract chinese students abroad – HI-COM
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What is the second most spoken language? HI-COM

Tonnes of articles have covered the subject of the most spoken language in each country, but not so many go into more detail and  talk about the second most spoken language in each country. According to reports, almost half the world is bilingual. Colonisation, borders and immigration have been some contributing factors to a second language being spoken in some countries. Unsurprisingly, English is the most spoken second language worldwide with it being spoken in 55 countries. French comes second (14 countries) and Russian third (13 countries).

Kate CHERNAVINAWhat is the second most spoken language? HI-COM
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Top 5 Gaming Languages for You

Today, the gaming industry shares a community of over 2 billion people and it’s only expected to grow.

According to figures in 2018, the gaming industry made over $134 billion and predictions show that those figures are expected double yet again, by 2025.  The gaming industry has now become bigger than both the film and music industries combined, which could be responsible for the rapid growth in online gaming languages and explain how they have become so globally recognized. 

Kate CHERNAVINATop 5 Gaming Languages for You
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How to survive with the Dothraki people

Have you ever wondered what to do if you find yourself among the Dothraki people? Don’t panic! HI-COM has prepared a short survival guide for you to help you learn the basics of the language of this nomadic people from Game of Thrones!

Kate CHERNAVINAHow to survive with the Dothraki people
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Languages of China: Does Every Chinese City Speak Its Own Language?

Did you know that Chinese isn’t actually a language?? When we talk about ‘Chinese’, and how there are more than one billion Chinese speakers in the world, one might imagine one monolithic universally understood language.  However, this couldn’t be further from the truth.  ‘Chinese’ in fact refers to a family of languages that comprises at least seven different linguistic groups, each with various dialects and sub-dialects sitting under them. Languages of China, learn all about them!

Stéphane ChouryLanguages of China: Does Every Chinese City Speak Its Own Language?
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Hong Kong and Taiwan Language differences

It is a known fact that a language may vary, especially how it is spoken, depending on the region where the language is used. But have you ever heard of two languages that are written in the same way but have nothing in common in terms pronunciation? Today we will look into some differences between Taiwan language and Hongkong language: Taiwanese Mandarin and Cantonese and see how they can influence communication and interpersonal relationships if one is looking to negotiate or do business in these 2 Chinese-speaking regions.

Kate CHERNAVINAHong Kong and Taiwan Language differences
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Balkan languages: Differences & Similarities

Serbian: ‘Smoking Kills’     |    Bosnian: ‘Smoking Kills’

Croatian: ‘Smoking Kills’    |    Montenegrin: ‘I heard you the first time’     

Ever thought about growing your business in the Balkans but not sure what language to use for your website or marketing communication? Do the people of the various countries in the Balkans understand each other fully? And if they do, does it mean they understand/read all the Slavic languages? Today we will try to answer these questions and shed more light on this topic.

Kate CHERNAVINABalkan languages: Differences & Similarities
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