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How to Choose an English-Chinese Translation Agency? HI-COM

Why choose a translation agency in the first place? Do you need translations, interpreting or content writing and have a choice between machine translation, a freelance translator or a translation agency?

The Chinese Language and Its Nuances

China has more than 1.3 billion speakers in its country, representing more than one-sixth of the world’s population and making it one of the important languages of international development

Due to this famous development and its history, China has several different dialects in the north, south, east and west of the country.

While some may be similar to dialects and resemble each other, others are totally different in terms of grammar, phonology and terminology. Namely, in the Chinese language, there are more than 50,000 different characters. Discover more on the Chinese language in this article! 

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This is why with a translation agency, you need to talk to the client to find out the specific type of language you need in order to find the best translator for you!

Finally, as China is becoming more and more powerful, open to the international market and currently the world’s second largest economy after the United States, it is attracting more and more brands and companies who wish to establish themselves there in order to target the Chinese market, which can seem difficult to access. But these companies often find themselves confronted with the language barrier. In fact, only 25% of Chinese people speak English, which means that mastering the Chinese language is essential. It is, therefore, necessary to use translation services for all your English-Chinese projects.

HI-COM is a translation agency supporting your needs in more than 40 languages. We are present in France and in China, which allows us to be specialized in the European and Asian markets. Moreover, having our head office based in China, Shanghai and 2 other cities in China, we are experts in the Chinese market and language.

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English to Chinese Translation: The Importance of Choosing a Good Agency!

When it comes to translating documents, there are several ways to do it.

Machine translation is a free and easy-to-access translation. However, for translations from English to Chinese, machine translation is not the right solution! Chinese is a complex language full of nuances and dialects and there are different ways to write it. Discover in this article the Chinese language and its nuances.

On the other hand, a freelance translator may be native in the Chinese language, but is unable to master all the different nuances and dialects of the north and south.

This is why a translation agency, assigns you a project manager who is present to make sure that you find THE native translator in the desired translation language, who is specialized in the project’s field and sensitive to the nuances and dialects of your desired language. All of our translators have degrees from prestigious universities and at least 5 years of experience!

Another important advantage of a translation agency such as HI-COM is that we do not only offer simple or certified translations, we offer a wide range of services from technical translation to interpreting and content writing.

Discover our wide range of services for your English to Chinese projects:

Translation Agency English-Chinese: A GUARANTEE OF QUALITY

For more than 4 years, HI-COM ASIA has been evolving and expanding its network of translators over time, which is now made up of the best English-Chinese language translators, who are experts in various dialects and nuances and specialized in multiple fields.  All our translators are selected according to their diplomas, their experience (more than 5 years), their field of specialization and their adaptability. For example, if you want to export your business to China by translating your website but also create a presence on Chinese social networks, we will assign you a website translation specialist and a Chinese social network content editor, which is a specialty in its own right.

Finally, be aware that if you sign a contract in China, the Chinese contract prevails over other possible versions of the document according to Chinese law. Therefore, to avoid misunderstandings and translation distortions, we recommend using a professional translation agency.

HI-COM is a multilingual translation agency dedicated to providing professional translation and interpreting services to companies around the world. Working with more than 40 languages, HI-COM is the localization partner for hundreds of companies and brands.

Choose HI-COM as your partner for all your translation and other projects!

Contact us today for a free consultation!


Marie CASTANOHow to Choose an English-Chinese Translation Agency? HI-COM

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