Marketing on WeChat in 2019: WHAT NOT TO DO!

HI-COM has a chat with China Digital Strategy Consultant Joseph Leveque, to find out his top advice for what to avoid in order to run a successful WeChat Official Account…

There are quite a few mistakes brands still do on WeChat:

  • Using typical clickbait rhetoric in titles and lead-ins to drive opening rates and not delivering on content
  • Don’t be too general in your content broadcasting strategy. Not having a targeted content broadcast strategy, i.e. sending the same content to their entire audience of followers, is a common trap many companies and brands fall into which can lead to disengagement with their follower base. Consumers today are increasingly discerning and looking for tailored and personalised content that is relevant to them.
  • Not having a clear consumer value proposal or strategy for your Official Account. There is so much an Official Account can do, and you need to make what you’re offering stand out as much as possible. What is your Official Account doing?  What is the angle?  Is it just broadcasting content? Can I opt in or opt out to subscribe to specific content? Is it offering customer service? If so, what are the opening hours? How much response delay shall I expect?  Understand your WeChat Official Account as being a crucial arm of your marketing team.  It should be responsive, relevant and add real value to its follower base.
  • Trying to do too much with a single official account: serving prospects, customers, HR management all from within a single account might be inefficient and send an unclear message to all your followers who may quickly disengage

Consider these points when creating your WeChat marketing strategy, make your content useful, and don’t hesitate to ask a consultant to help you!


Kate CHERNAVINAMarketing on WeChat in 2019: WHAT NOT TO DO!