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HI-COM Announces A New Office In France

HI-COM is proud to announce the opening of its new office in Côte d’Azur, France. The new location will strengthen HI-COM’s presence in Europe, enabling the group to provide more to support to its European clients and partners. The new French location will bring the number of HI-COM bases to three, adding to its existing Shanghai and Guangzhou locations. The adress of our new is :  930 Route des Dolines 06560 VALBONNE, Sophia Antipolis, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, France.

Therefore, HI-COM will continue serve its existing clients and develop new business in France and across Europe from this new location. With our expertise in copywriting, interpreting, translation and KOL marketing, we look forward to collaborating with all our clients.

Stéphane Choury, General Manager and co-founder of HI-COM shed some light on why he chose France as the next step for HI-COM. “France is the seventh biggest economy in the world and that only looks like growing! France has become a global leader in the automotive, manufacturing, aerospace, railway, cosmetics and luxury goods industries. With France’s economy thriving and booming it was an obvious choice for HI-COM to open an office here.

However, the new office will be in the heart of Europe, with easy access to a number of key countries. HI-COM will be able to assist our current clients in France and across Europe whilst working with new businesses and helping them with their multilingual communication needs. Our translation, interpreting and copywriting capacity is perfect for the European market, as we work with more than 40 languages.

Therefore, France is the world’s most visited country, and I would like HI-COM to be at the forefront. By helping French businesses maximise their potential.

Robert Harrison co-founder of HI-COM and head of production commented on HI-COM’s growth “This is an important step for HI-COM’s continued growth, as it will greatly increase the group’s presence in Europe, and bring it closer to its European customers, particularly those in France of course. It will also enable us to respond faster and more efficiently to our customers based in the region”.

The French office will be managed by HI-COM’s very own Lucille de Cassan. Lucille is French born and raised, and has been a prominent figure at HI-COM from the very beginning. Lucille has over seven years’ experience in developing business in Asia and Europe. She’s very knowledgeable about the European and Asian markets and is very excited to open the French office and give HI-COM a physical presence on European soil.

However, Stéphane and Robert together founded HI-COM ASIA in Shanghai in early 2016. Their goal was to establish and build an innovative multilingual communication agency that serves clients of all sizes and industries. It goes from micro start-ups to small businesses through to Fortune 500 companies.

HI-COM ASIA has built up an impressive portfolio in the past 4 years by working with more than 800 brands.

Therefore, this is an exciting time for HI-COM, as it promises growth, helps businesses enhance in their fields and looks to open up opportunities and develop a new workforce in France and across Europe. 2020 will be a bright year for HI-COM.

About HI-COM
HI-COM is a multilingual communication expert, helping brands to localize their message and connect to local audiences. Constantly evolving to stay one step ahead in the market is and has always been the primary objective of HI-COM. Working with more than 40 language pairs, HI-COM is the go-to localization partner of hundreds of companies and brands! Contact us if you want to find out more about our specialities!

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