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Why use a translation agency? HI-COM

Is it necessary to use a translation agency? As the world becomes increasingly more globalized, we believe that it is more important than ever to be able to communicate in more than one language.

For example, are you a European brand but would like to set up in Asia? If so, it is important for your brand to localise its products and the content it shares so as to increase brand awareness. If chosen, translation agency HI-COM, will ensure that your business receives high quality translations and effective localisation.


Translation is a real profession, therefore, it is not enough to simply be bilingual and refer to yourself as a translator.

In other words, it means that someone without the adequate training is unlikely to be able provide a perfect translation and convey the full meaning, message, and tone of a document.

However, lots of companies use their own employees to carry out translations – this can be a very counterproductive move as it will prevent employees from concentrating on their own tasks and may instead risk making mistakes in the translation. Furthermore, even if the translation is carried out by an employee in his native language, it will be unlikely that the employee will be able to perfectly master the nuances, grammar, spelling and structures of the language.


Machine translation is currently undergoing major expansion.  It is used because it is a fast process that is easy to access, and readily available in several languages. However, machine translation can still generate mistakes and consistency errors which may have a negative impact on your brand or company.

Machine translation is also unable to localise content, meaning that it is unable to adapt to the target audience and culture in order to use the right terms and avoid ambiguities and misunderstandings. Only human resources can perform such localization tasks.

Check out our infographics and the advantages and disadvantages of using machine translation VS a human translator.

Using your employees to translate or translating via machine translation is not recommended if you are looking to expand your business overseas or communicate your brand, products, or services, in another language. This is why using professional translators is important.

However, there are still major differences between using freelance translators and using a translation agency.



  • Support for your projects

A translation agency will be able to support your translation projects by providing your business with an experienced translator who specialises in the field of the project.

  • Qualifications required

At HI-COM, all of our translators have at least 5 years’ experience and are all specialised in one or more industries. We have a great deal of experience, particularly in the Chinese and European markets, which enables us to offer high-quality translations as well as other services such as interpreting, content writing and localization.

Furthermore, our translators, interpreters, and copywriters are all university educated and are able to adapt quickly in order to offer a high-quality service, whereas freelance translators may not have had any training.

Moreover, at HI-COM, there will only be one direct contact in order to simplify your requests.

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  • Wide range of services and languages

As previously mentioned, translation agencies offer a wider range of services and languages. A freelance translator is normally unable to translate into several languages.

For example, let’s imagine that you want to translate a user manual into more than 15 languages, so you call a translation agency to take care of all the languages necessary for the project. Or instead, you could call several freelance translators to receive the necessary translations but it will prove to be very time consuming and expensive.

As a multilingual translation agency, HI-COM specializes in more than 40 languages, click here to find out more!

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  • Get a quality translation

Working with a translation agency also means that you are much more likely to get a high- quality translation.  Each project will be carried out by a translator chosen from within the agency to best meet your business needs, while also offering a proofreader to ensure that errors or misinterpretings are minimized, where possible.

A freelance translator will be the only one to proofread his/her work, which makes it more unlikely that he/she will spot potential errors.

  • Saving time and money

Deadlines are always respected because if the deadline is too tight, the agency will allocate more translators to the project in order to respect the arranged timeframe for each translation.

Furthermore, using a translation agency as opposed to a freelance translator will help to save money due to the inclusion of professional design software that is often expensive to buy.

HI-COM uses Trados, which not only locates repeated words, but also keeps them in a translation memory bank for future translation projects.

HI-COM is a multilingual translation agency dedicated to providing professional translation and interpreting services to companies around the world. Working with over 40 languages, HI-COM is the localization partner for hundreds of companies and brands.

Contact us today for a free consultation!

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