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SEO Technical Optimization Project & SEO Optimized Translation – DUCATI – HI-COM

HI-COM ASIA is a professional multilingual translation agency working in more than 40 languages and offering a wide range of services. We work in a wide range of fields including finance, medical, legal, SEO and digital marketing. One of our most recent projects at the end of this year was set up with our IT partner QP Software for the marketing agency DIGITAL RETEX working with the DUCATI brand.

1) Case study – RETEX AGENCY – DUCATI

The project was the Technical SEO Optimization & SEO Optimized Translation into Mandarin for the new version of the website of a major brand: DUCATI, one of the renowned clients of the DIGITAL RETEX agency.

The different translations were in simplified Chinese to meet the brand’s desire to develop in a new and growing market. We took care to optimize the SEO translations in Simplified Chinese by taking into account the different possible meanings from one language to another as well as the localization to the culture and dialects whose words and characters used may have alternative meanings.


Ducati is a brand that is part of Italy’s “Made in Italy” heritage and is one of the best known motorcycle brands in the world. Founded in 1926 in Bologna, Italy, the various models of motorcycles offered by the brand are sold all over the world, from Japan to the United States and many European countries. This is why DUCATI now wishes to move into a new market: CHINA.

To do this, the creation of a website in Chinese and referenced on BAIDU is essential.

ducati brand


In order to better understand the project established for DUCATI, it is helpful to ask the question: what is SEO optimization and what are the benefits? SEO (Search Engine Optimization) represents the translation of a website while adapting the words and written content to contain certain keywords in order to improve the referencing of the site. This means that prior to the translation, research must be carried out on the target audience, the market, the competitors and the keywords to be targeted. An SEO-optimized translation will aim to choose keywords that are important to the brand in order to create content around it and thus improve its ranking on search engines in relation to it, here on BAIDU. For a good SEO translation it is also important that the keywords represent popular searches and that they are repeated consistently in the content created. If your site is placed in the highest searches and on the first page you will generate more clicks on your site. More clicks means more traffic and increased sales and therefore more revenue for the brand. For example, if your company is based in Italy and you want to sell your products in China, in order to successfully penetrate the Chinese market, it is essential to optimize your website and content specifically for Chinese consumers.

Baidu has become the leading search engine in China, it has a 90% penetration rate in the Chinese market and holds 68.44% of the search engine market share there. It should be noted that Google is not allowed in China.

Thus, SEO optimization is not enough on its own, the technical optimization of the site must be efficient, otherwise the potential customer may not find your site because BAIDU will not be able to reference it properly if the technical aspects of the back office are missing. What is the purpose of technical SEO? It is to complete and write on each page and article of the site the meta description, title, description of images etc. so that BAIDU knows what the page is about and thus reference it correctly. In this case the algorithms are Chinese and the requests are made in Chinese characters. The indexing robots will focus mainly on Mandarin content. In addition, the IT team can work with software linked to the back office of your website in order to check each step of the process and the functioning of all technical aspects.

Thus, in addition to the creation of content adapted to the market that includes certain SEO keywords, the meta description and title of the pages and articles created is as important as the SEO-optimized translation.


HI-COM is a multilingual translation agency dedicated to providing Chinese-specific social media communication and e-commerce marketing services to companies worldwide. Working with over 100 brands, HI-COM is the partner of choice for companies looking to enter the Chinese market. Contact us today for a free consultation!

Our main mission was to ensure that the content we created was translated in an optimized way with respect to searches and keywords while working on the technical aspects to ensure that each page has a unique and optimized meta description, title, and tag as well as keywords.

HI-COM took care of translating the entire original website into Simplified Chinese while making sure to target the keywords in order to integrate them into the translated content and our partner carried out integration of the meta description tags.

Once this work was done, we started the implementation on WORDPRESS in the back office for all the information on the new Chinese version of the website.

site chinese

We worked on the creation of more than 70 new pages and 200 existing ones. Since this work concerned the Chinese version of the website, the website was adapted for the BAIDU search engine. Baidu is the equivalent of Google in China, as the latter is not allowed in the country. The SEO on BAIDU is somewhat different from the SEO on Google but is still based on the same principles.

Additionally, the choice to translate into simplified Chinese was made because it is now the version of the Chinese language most used in China since the 1960s.

Finally, the META TAG DESCRIPTION is very important for the referencing of the site because it contains html information that search engines use to understand the content of the page. It is also what will appear when your site appears on it and thus allows you to be better referenced if it is well optimized. By optimizing these meta tag descriptions, Baidu users will be able to find you based on the type of product, the name of the brand and the category of the product, all based on keywords to be highlighted in characters and pinyin (written letters) and in simplified Chinese.

website chinese

At the end of the optimized translation and technical implementation on the site, we conducted an SEO audit to verify the performance of the added and improved points including meta tag description, image formats, page loading speed and broken links or duplicate pages and whether the implementation of the different elements was successful or not.

We would like to thank DIGITAL RETEX and Ducati for trusting us with this project.

Contact us now for your translation projects, web integrations or other projects! 

Marie CASTANOSEO Technical Optimization Project & SEO Optimized Translation – DUCATI – HI-COM

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