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Interpreting mission English to Chinese for DAXUE CONSULTING

HI-COM is proud to have, once again, provided one of its best resources in terms of simultaneous and whispering interpreting to Daxue Consulting.

During four full days, the interpreter provided by HI-COM, mastering both Chinese and English languages, followed Daxue Consulting’s staff in order to help and assist them during interviews at an automotive fair.

The various interviews were done with car users, about their habits, as well as their expectations in terms of equipment and comfort inside the car. The conversations were not so technical, but nevertheless a strong knowledge of vocabulary related to the car industry and daily car usage was required.

Once again, HI-COM is proud to have assisted one of its commercial partners by providing its best resources.

Kate CHERNAVINAInterpreting mission English to Chinese for DAXUE CONSULTING

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