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Getting ready for Double 11 in 2020: learning from Chinese brands

Are you preparing for this year’s Double 11? If so, take a look at the previous marketing strategies implemented brands during last year’s Double 11.

Perfect Diary

In 2019, Perfect Diary’s Singles’ Day sales topped the beauty makeup sales – making over 100 million RMB in just 90 minutes.

Brand introduction:

Perfect Diary combines the facial and skin characteristics of the Asian population with the European and American fashion trends, to develop a series of high-quality and easy-to-use cosmetic products for the new generation of women. The brand supports China’s fashion industry and aspires to become an internationally influential Chinese beauty icon. Perfect Diary supports the younger generation and believes that they should not be bound by external labels, band should instead actively explore more possibilities in life to become the best version of themselves.

Marketing strategy:

Perfect Diary’s marketing strategy combines Celebrity endorsements with KOL corporation and KOC sharing on social media, with a goal to create an overwhelming response for the 618 and Double 11 shopping season!

Prior to 618 and Double 11, Perfect Diary launched a large number of new products and opted for celebrity endorsements and famous KOLs to help build a successful brand image and attract more interest from the public. The brand spent lots of money on KOL reviews.

Perfect Diary selected 2-3 new products, and invited small and medium-sized KOLS (with thousands of followers) to share the products on social media to attract more traffic and brand awareness. Just before 618 and Double 11, Perfect Diary invited popular celebrities to make recommendations and specifically focus on one or two products.

However, Perfect Diary needs new marketing methods to better enhance the brand’s interest and influence. So, their solution is Brand crossover. Like many brands, Perfect Diary looks for stars to better promote its products and events. The brand also takes advantage of the fashion week, with famous brands and supermodels seeking cross-industry cooperation. Perfect Diary also seeks cooperation with major international well-known IP.

For brand, this marketing approach not only helps the brand to penetrate into different consumer groups, but also expands its user circle and enhances the brand’s reputation.

Consumer review:

Three Squirrels

In 2019, Three Squirrels’ sales exceeded 1.049 billion Yuan.

Brand Introduction:

Three Squirrels Co. LTD was founded in 2012 and its headquarters are located in Wuhu, Anhui province. It is the first online food brand in China and is the largest food e-commerce enterprise with the highest sales volume in China. It mainly sells nuts, dried meat, dried fruit, pureed foods and other snacks. On December 3, Three Squirrels announced that its annual sales in 2019 exceeded 10 billion Yuan – making it the first company within the snack industry to exceed 10 billion Yuan.

Marketing strategy:

Three Squirrels is mainly internet based and uses B2C platforms to implement its online sales. This unique business model closes the gap between merchants and customers, ensuring that customers are able to enjoy fresh and tasty food. Three Squirrels pioneered online food sales in China.

Three Squirrels’ offline business is a self-run food store (200 square meters), that focuses on the consumer experience and physical display of products. The brand plans to use Alibaba’s retail channels to enter thousands of community stores. According to Zhang Liaoyuan, Three Squirrels now has 700,000 stores, with a product repurchase rate of 75%. The Three squirrel stores (cooperative shops with young entrepreneurs), rely on the owners’ IP to sell their products. As of August 10, 2019, the number of Squirrel stores exceeded 100.

With its unique sales model, the Three Squirrels came first place in the Tmall nut industry on Taobao on the double 11, 2012, with daily sales of nearly 8 million Yuan. Its rapid development made history in China’s e-commerce. In 2013, Three Squirrels sales exceeded 300 million.

Three Squirrels are transforming into a digital supply chain platform. Zhang Liaoyuan believes a large number of food producers should connect with consumers to make the two links shorter. In the end, the efficiency of the industry will be improved, costs will be reduced, the quality will be better, and consequently, there will be a higher consumer demand.



In 2019, sales exceeded 200 million Yuan on Singles’ Day

Brand introduction:

Adolph is a personal cleaning and health care brand, part of Guangzhou Adolph Personal Care Products Co. LTD.  Its headquarters are located in Guangzhou. The brand’s founder, Chen Diansong, met Adolph Martins Ganning, a Spanish performer, when he was traveling in Europe. Adolph created a classic smell that evoked strong emotion, referred to as “the smell of love”. The founders hope to pass on “the smell of love” to commemorate Adolph.

Marketing strategy:

Originally, Li Zhizhen suggested experiential marketing because “Adolph products do not use spokespeople or magazine advertising, but instead share samples with a number of potential customers to reach a bigger audience.” Adolph uses money in this way to save on advertising.  Over 90% people who try the products come back to Adolph and become a customer.

The product is delivered by the manufacturer and the store agent does not have to pay for it. With this in mind, the store’s purchase price is just 3.3 percent less. There is enough profit to promote and build teams for store, which means that the brand can still be present on channels without a spokesmen or advertising.

Regarding the brand’s marketing, Adolph collaborates with popular Mobile game social platforms, variety shows so that the brand is able to receive huge brand awareness and traffic on a global scale.




In 2019, Purcotton’s Double 11 sales exceeded 600 million.


Brand introduction:

PurCotton is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the robust medical group, Shenzhen PurCotton Technology Co. Ltd. It has 20 years of professional technology and production experience within the medical cotton industry. It provides laced, cotton spun, non-woven fabrics. The brand has expanded from medical products to civilian products. As the only high-end cotton household goods brand with a medical background in China, its core concept “cotton care for health” commits to providing safer, more comfortable, and environmentally friendly healthy cotton products.

At present, PurCotton specializes in four main product categories: maternal and infant care, female care, quality life care, and medical care. These categories include products such as soft towels, sanitary items, napkins, baby diapers, cotton household items, etc. and they are all widely recognized and favored by the customers.

Marketing strategy:

Every “PurCotton” product has a lasting guarantee. It has eight main types of products, such as clothing, household goods, baby and children’s products, women’s care, and many more. The basic “PurCotton” materials are imported from American and are of a very high quality. In 2010, PurCotton fell into the trap of wasting money to buy online traffic. However, in 2011, it adjusted its strategy and began to establish trust between its products and users, resulting in a better reputational position and improved sales prices. Over time, the brand’s trust has gradually accumulated with the establishment of direct sales – both online and offline. As of 2015, the PurCotton brand has more than 90 offline stores.



In 2019, Xiaoxiandun’s Double 11 sales exceeded 130 million.

Brand introduction:

Xiaoxiandun is a beauty product made from bird’s nests in Malaysia and Indonesia. It was established in 2014 and has a shelf life of 15 days. It has no additives and is a cold and fresh product that gets delivered to thousands of houses every week. Its brand mission is to make tonic health care easier and hassle-free.

Marketing strategy:

Consumers don’t often know how to select or make this product at home which makes the consumption of it very few. Therefore, Xiaoxiandun focuses on making the process much simpler for consumers. For example, the brand selects the ingredients (with no additives), freshly stews it, and chills it ready for delivery (uses a C2m business model) – making the customer journey effortless and hassle-free.

Providing a natural solution for pregnant women and those who love beauty

Traditional tonic products, such as those made from bird’s nests, seem like products that only middle-aged and elderly people can afford. However, the demand for tonic health care is rapidly changing and there is becoming a much bigger demand from the younger generation.

Advice to brand’s live-streaming in 2020

  1. Live broadcasting has become a very common way for users to learn about a brand and its environment – similar to the experience of going to an offline store to buy things as the customer is able to meet the employees and get a feel for the business.
  2. When broadcasting, the brand image should be considered, e.g. the style that the anchor conveys and the type of environment being showcased.
  3. Different brands should have a professional anchor landing style.
  4. Profits, including gifts, should be very clear and diversified.
  5. Live broadcasts should be planned well in advance and holidays/events should be taken into consideration. For example, the seasons, Christmas, Chinese New Year, 618 and Shuang 11.

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