English guide to the backoffice of Dazhong Dianping

Since Dazhong Dianping spread its business worldwide, it now covers more than 200 countries around the world. Being on Dianping is one of the best strategic moves a foreign business can make in order to attract Chinese travelers both in China and beyond.

Many hospitality related businesses looking to attract Chinese customers are eager to join Chinese Social media platforms and APPs. It is of course a smart idea, and has the potential to bring in lots of curious visitors! The only problem is, the backoffice system of the most popular Chinese platform is still only available in Chinese.  In order to manage your account on a platform such as this, you may think you have no choice but to hire a Chinese speaker to help. But, is it actually necessary?

One of the most popular platforms (and APPs) amongst Chinese travelers is Meituan group’s Dazhong Dianping, which is similar to Yelp and Tripadvisor, providing reviews and suggestions. It also offers group purchase offers in the same way Groupon does.

Since Dazhong Dianping spread its business worldwide, it now covers more than 200 countries around the world. Being on Dianping is one of the best strategic moves a foreign business can make in order to attract Chinese travelers both in China and beyond.

Today we will show you what Dazhong Dianping can bring you in addition to a simple business listing, the type of ecosystem the company has created in terms of the businesses it lists, and most importantly, we will take a close look at its back office system and teach you how to use it, with an example of one of our partners – an education business account!

Once logged into the platform, you have access to the Dianping Manager Dashboard.

All the main functions available are at your service.

The Dashboard give you tools to promote your business in various ways, and depends on a promotion plan you purchase when signing up for Dianping. For the education industry, the platform suggests your try Group buying, Workshops, Trainings, Trial classes, On-page improvements and so on!

So start your journey, try promoting your business with a flash discount or group deals. When enabling this function, the platform will automatically create a series of coupon numbers that will be automatically assign to your future customers. To learn more about it click on the price tag menu. Here you can verify your given coupons serial numbers, receive payment notes, refund customers and track your payment data.


To assure the coupon is authentic, the system provides a verification tool, that can be used either by scanning a QR code or inputting a 12 digit number into the system.


To manage your orders, click on the “Group order management” under “Group Buying” menu. All the details of your coming business are presented right here. The system’s ID numbers of your clients, the package they ordered, time of the promotion and so on. You can prepare your promotions and plans, release them, cancel them and track the upcoming ones.

If you have several locations, you may also browse them by the store names.

In order to set up your locations, business hours, phone number and other store details of your home page, go to “Store Management”.

On the menu set up on the left you can add a photo gallery.

If you would like to see what people are writing about you and interact with your customers, go to “Comment Management”. You can easily track the progress of your store or product ranking, see the comments on your product, service or project, and even have access to comment analysis.

Dazhong Dianping provides a set of promotion tools and other marketing related help for its customers and those functions can be discovered at “Marketing” menu.

Come here for Setting up your PPC campaigns, checking the analytics and more! To activate these options, you shall charge your account with a credit. These options are great when you are at the very beginning of your account management and want people to interact with your business as much as possible!

In order to find your Financial records and invoicing go to the submenu “Financial Management” in the Marketing menu’s Promotion advicer.

Next menu to explore on Dazhong Dianping back office is “Operation Consultation”.

This menu is quite similar to google analytics, plus it shows you a product consumption funnel. You can see analytics of almost all business relevant constituents: operation, products, customers, even competitors!

Dazhong Dianping is one of the most popular tools of Chinese business owners to promote and analyze their businesses in order to attract Chinese visitors, and there is no reason you shall not use such a tool as well! Of cause if the task is interesting but will take too much of your time, you may always find a partner who will do it for you! Email HI-COM to find out more about the functions of Dianping and ways to be listed in your region!

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