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How does a translation agency work? HI-COM

Finding out how a translation agency works will help you best decide whether an agency, machine translation, or a freelance translator is the most suitable option for your business needs.

Like every business, each translation agency has their own individual structure, pricing and range of services to offer. When it comes to translating documents, there are numerous processes that can be applied. This article aims to highlight the multiple benefits of choosing a translation agency over a freelance translator or non-professional translator. Read on to find out more about how HI-COM works!

But, even if you do opt for a translation agency, it can then be difficult to choose which agency will best suit the needs of your project.

So how does a translation agency actually work?

Every agency is of course different in terms of size, location, organisation and structure.

translation agency HI-COM

But for a typical translation project, an agency such as HI-COM will begin by assigning the customer a first point of contact to take care of any needs and expectations in order to simplify the task. The agency will then assign a project manager who will be completely dedicated to the specific translation task. The project manager will then select the most suitable translator available according to the client’s needs (in terms of language and industry).

Once the translator has been allocated and the translation is completed, the agency will ask a proofreader to check and revise the translation where necessary so as to minimise any potential mistakes.

After the content of the translation has been validated, most agencies, including HI-COM use translation memory software (such as SDL Trados) to store terminology and sentences, to enable them to be used for future projects, which will in the long term save the customer time and money.

The production manager will ensure the quality of the projects by making some final process checks, before sending the translations to the client.

In most translation agencies, each translation project is subject to a very rigorous and comprehensive production process, to ensure a consistent level of quality in each one.

  • A wider range of services

Most translation agencies offer a wide range of services whereas a freelance translator will only typically provide one type of service. Translation agencies tend to specialise in a variety of translation services such as certified translation, translation in specific fields (e.g. medical, legal, etc.), translation of websites, audiovisual files, branding localization, and many more.

Interpreting and multilingual content writing is also often on offer at agencies.

As a multilingual translation agency, HI-COM offers services such as:

  • Translation & Localisation
  • SEO-optimised translation
  • Interpreting
  • Content writing
  • Glossary creation
  • Digital & KOL Marketing
  • Websites & SEO
  • Subtitles and voice-overs


  • Selection of translators

When running a translation agency, one of the most crucial factors is using professional and experienced translators.

In order to best understand the process of an agency, it is necessary to know how translators, interpreters, and editors are selected.

Translation agencies typically require their translators to have a certain level of experience, qualifications, and the ability to adapt to each project or task.

At HI-COM, all of our translators and interpreters are:

  • Native speakers
  • Experts in their field
  • Degree holders from well-known universities
  • Have a minimum of 5 years experience
  • Pricing

Every translation agency has its own way of pricing. At HI-COM, our prices differ according to the language pair, the type of document, the industry field, and the service chosen.

How are prices set in translation agencies such as HI-COM?

The translation rates are determined based on the original language and the desired translated language. To view our translation rates, click here!

The price also depends on the specifications of the project.  For example, are you requesting a certified translation? A website translation with integration, or similar?

Requesting a certified or sworn translation involves using a recognised specialist and sworn translator, which will alter the final price.

Agency translation prices include a dedicated project manager, a qualified and experienced translator, and a proofreader. Prices also include the delivery of the digital and original copy in the agreed time frame.

The design can also be included in the price list, which will influence the final price depending on the design/POA requested (professional software is used for each design).

HI-COM is a multilingual translation agency dedicated to providing professional translation and interpreting services to companies around the world. Working with more than 40 languages, HI-COM is the localization partner for hundreds of companies and brands.

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Marie CASTANOHow does a translation agency work? HI-COM

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