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Simultaneous Interpreting Mission for the SINODIS Annual Party – HI-COM

HI-COM is proud to have provided English and Chinese simultaneous interpreting for the SINODIS annual party!

SINODIS is the leading distributor of imported and local food products in China. With a portfolio of nearly 50 world leading brands from 14 different countries, it supplies hotels, restaurants, pastry/bakery chains, and caterers with a comprehensive range of over 2,000 products covering dairy, pastry, beverages, gourmet and grocery. With its multi-temperature controlled distribution hubs in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, and Chengdu, SINODIS serves more than 3,500 points of sale all over China.

SINODIS is committed to being recognized as the preferred solution provider. In addition to providing high quality ingredients, it also provides customers with comprehensive solutions by trend sharing, recipe research and development covering a variety of application scenarios and operating technologies. Through a rich calendar of workshops, trainings, and public demos with guest chefs, SINODIS extends value added technical support to inspire Chefs and F&B Professionals to create pleasurable moments. We have established Chef Studio-professional training kitchens in Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen.

Thank you SINODIS for choosing HI-COM for your interpreting assignments!

sinodis simultaneous onterpreting mission in china

HI-COM provides reliable and cost-effective Interpreting services, with a network of highly skilled, qualified and experienced linguists.

Contact us for your interpreting mission! 

Aslandziya AnnaSimultaneous Interpreting Mission for the SINODIS Annual Party – HI-COM

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