49 Chinese SEO Tactics brought to you by SHM Design

Those trying to “make it” in China will already know how difficult it is to increase their SEO, as Baidu works very differently to the search engines we are used to back home.

Luckily for us, Sam from SHM Design has drawn up this extensive list (49 TIPS!!!!) to help newbies or anyone who has had difficulties with their SEO.

Check out this awesome guide one of our friends over at SHM Designs has produced. As you can see we contributed to tip #16

Let’s give you a snippet of this guide:

This is a very interesting tip, as back home you would probably want to make your website as bold, flash and outstanding as possible. However, in China, it’s the complete opposite – this is because web browsers and loading speeds are more valued than flash, so keep your website as clean and simple as possible – this will definitely help.

In the guide he also made some comparisons of websites of the same brand in different countries. This will give you an idea of what Chinese customers like to see compared to customers in your home country, thus improving your thought process when you create your specific regional webpage.

He also gave me a private tip……….if you want to improve your SEO, when writing an original post, make sure it’s more than 500 Words.

For more tips, please visit their page:


KaHei LI49 Chinese SEO Tactics brought to you by SHM Design