Qunar – Our English Guide to buying TRAIN TICKETS

Living in China, the question of traveling is always going to be an important one. Traveling for work or leisure will inevitably bring you to various air ticket websites and apps, promising a simple, one-click experience.

Today we are going talk about Qunar, the website that is famous for its low prices, its availability to pay with Alipay or WeChat, and for being one of the most convenient platforms for travel arrangements. On this platform you can buy air tickets, train tickets, book holidays, rent cars, and buy tickets for events, as well as benefit from a range of other services.

Today we will talk about train tickets. Qunar is one of the most easy-to-use train ticket agents. In just 4 clicks you’ll be able to pick up tickets for you and your friends!

1 . To begin, go to the landing page.

On the very top horizontal menu you will find all the main services provided Qunar: Hotels, Group travel, packages for various holiday destinations etc. A little further down the line you will find “train tickets”.

2. The main search will be done in Chinese, so prepare your destination name accordingly. You are given search options by station, and train number. Stick to the first option for now. Once all the details have been entered (date, station names or city names) you can hit that big orange search button.

3. At this stage you can pick the time you would like to depart. You can also see the journey time, and the prices filtered by the level of comfort on board. Train numbers starting with “G” are the fastest speed trains, “D” are the second fastest, and “T” trains have air conditioning. You can also see how many tickets are left for that particular train.

4. After all is chosen, proceed to the next level – Passenger info. You will need have an original passport with you on a train, so make no typos when buying a ticket. Below the passport number you need to input your DOB.

Proceed to the payment screen and you are good to go!

Please don’t forget that you need to be at the train station 1 hour in advance to get your ticket printout at the ticket office. You may also go to one of the ticket offices in town to get a print out there. There are currently no electronic train tickets available in China.

You are all set! Have a nice trip or Bon Voyage!

Stay tuned for our next article – an English guide to Booking a vacation package with Qunar – the cheapest travel ever!

Kate CHERNAVINAQunar – Our English Guide to buying TRAIN TICKETS