Interpreting mission English to Chinese in Beijing

HI-COM is proud to have once again provided efficient interpreters for an ambitious simultaneous interpreting (SI) mission (English to Chinese) in Beijing. Our customer GMECS (BJ) held a press conference as well as a management meeting at the Beijing China International Exhibition Center.

The event took place on April 16th in Beijing and lasted half a day. 2 simultaneous interpreters were required as well as SI equipment for over 40 participants. The equipment, essential for guaranteeing a high-quality service, included a Transmitter, Central Control Unit, Interpreter Machine, Radiant Plate and Receiver as well as Earpieces for 40 participants, not to mention an interpreting cabin and sound console.

HI-COM’s unique network of interpreters made it possible for GMECS to hold a conference and to communicate their message clearly and efficiently for a competitive price.

Kate CHERNAVINAInterpreting mission English to Chinese in Beijing