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Expanding your business abroad? Discover the importance of a specialized translation! HI-COM

Discover the importance of a specialized translation!  Expanding your business abroad may be the key to your success. Many entrepreneurs and business leaders share the desire to increase their business activity abroad.

Internationalization is a lever that guarantees sustainable economic growth. That’s why it’s  important to know all the aspects that you need to take into account so that this success does not turn into failure.

Indeed, one of the biggest obstacles you encounter at first sight when travelling is the language barrier. So you have to know how to adapt to a clientele that consumes differently and has a different language.

HI-COM is there to accompany you in your efforts and give you all this advice.

  1. Control its market and its potential new target.

Going international must be synonymous with understanding a new market. The clientele will be different, their way of consuming will also be different.

Each country, each new market will have a different marketing point of view regarding your goods or services.

It’s therefore essential to first conduct a market study before setting up. Then decide whether an adaptation of the products and the way of selling should be made.

Moreover, the destination of the new location must be studied beforehand. And be choose for strategic reasons in relation to your activity.

In 2019, the majority of French industrialists from different backgrounds and sectors have mostly internationalized their activity in Asia, targeting India and Indonesia in particular.

Nevertheless, destinations such as the United States and the United Kingdom may be a source of commercial tension with Brexit and other current agreements, despite the fact that these destinations remain attractive!

Thus for successful communication with these target markets it is essential to are :

– Know your market and analyse whether your product and service offer needs to be adapted to the profile of your audience

– Locate your content. Whether it is your website, your communication on social networks, your product sheets etc.. This will allow you to be as close as possible to your new clientele and target!

specialized translation export

  1. A quality specialized translation?

Adapting technical and marketing translation is essential to find the most efficient distributors.

To successfully export your company, you cannot do without a foreign distributor who knows the local market and distribution channels!

To optimize the international distribution of your offers, translate all the necessary elements for your foreign distribution partners:

So call on a professional translation and localization agency specializing in technical and marketing translation such as HI-COM.

Furthermore, it is important to trigger the act of buying from potential foreign clients. Thanks to a team of native translators with significant experience in the marketing professions, your communication abroad will be meaningful to the recipients. The words used will be in line with the target culture while disseminating an attractive commercial message consistent with your strategy.

Find here some tips and techniques from HI-COM to ensure international success in the case of an online business.

Aware that the translation of e-commerce sites requires a mastery of the digital world, we ensure that your projects are managed by linguistic experts with in-depth knowledge of e-commerce and online distribution techniques.

Ranging from marketing content designed to animate online stores or brand social networks to the IT, financial or legal fields, the content of e-commerce is vast and rich. This is why, before starting any translation project, HI-COM‘s experts analyze your request with precision in order to assign the appropriate resource.

specialized translation site


Specialized Translation of website/webpage

Why ask for a website / web page translation?

Having a website available in several languages is no longer an option in today’s world. The translation of your online content is now essential for several reasons:

– To establish your presence on the global market

– Increase your visibility in relation to the competition

– Expand your business and conquer new markets

entering foreign market

In addition, at HI-COM, we strive to improve the quality of the linguistic content of your website by using specialists experienced in SEO-optimized translation.

Localizing your website and thus adapting the length of your texts is a complex task that must be carried out by content localization professionals. In fact, not all languages are the same size once translated, so the length of the text must be adapted accordingly.

 Prepare the content to be translated and send it to us now!

It is possible that the content of your website may not need to be translated in its entirety or that it is not sufficiently adapted to your target market. In this case, simply send us your pre-written texts so that we can provide you with the translations in the same format.

With HI-COM, you will get a smooth and quality translation. You need to be able to adapt your text to different languages because certain expressions or other words cannot find meaning in the final specialized translation.

Send us the link to your site and watch us do it!

Is your website the only source you have on hand? We are ready to work with your means and still translate your content into the desired languages, in order to provide you with texts in bilingual format ready for integration.

send us link for free translation hi-com

Specialized Translation and integration of your content directly on your platform!

Are you already using an online publishing platform for the integration of your web content? If so, simply give us access to it and we will take care of both translating and integrating your texts. This will allow you to view, validate or modify the translations instantly.

Finally, you need to take into account the layout and reading direction of the country in which you wish to localise your website.

At HI-COM, we take a 360° approach that covers, in addition to translation, a redesign more in line with your localization strategy. The goal is to help you better reach your target audience and win new customers through the quality of your content.

To do this, HI-COM works in partnership with an agency specialized in web development, in order to offer you a complete package combining specialized translation, localization, design and web development.

Don’t wait any longer! Contact us to learn more!

Marie CASTANOExpanding your business abroad? Discover the importance of a specialized translation! HI-COM

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