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SEO-optimised translation project for MYA Agency – HI-COM

HI-COM is a professional translation agency working with clients from different fields, carrying out multiple translation projects of all types.

One of our most recent projects was an SEO-optimised translation for the MYA agency for a well-known beauty brand.


Our agency’s mission was to provide localisation, transcreation and SEO-optimised translation from French into 6 languages (English, Spanish, Italian, German, Polish and Turkish). We were therefore responsible for localising the product sheets, blog articles and other material on the brand’s website.


MYA Agency is a 100% digital agency working in 3 different countries: France, Belgium and China. This agency is specialised in the digital visibility of brands, webmarketing, natural referencing and Chinese marketing.

MYA assists its clients with improving the visibility and reputation of the brand on search engines as well as content writing!

With more than 10 years of experience serving SMEs, manufacturers and start-ups, MYA has developed real expertise in this field.




What is SEO-optimised translation and its benefits?

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) translation refers to the process of translating the content of a website into a specific locality; this means that research is required to understand the cultural references and social attitudes of your target location.

It is important to carry out a translation that is SEO-optimised in order to improve your website’s ranking on search engines. An SEO-optimised translation will aim to choose keywords that are important to the brand in order to create content around it and thus improve its search engine rankings in relation to the brand.

In addition, for a good SEO translation it is also important that the keywords represent high searches and that they are repeated consistently in the text. Effective local SEO can also help you generate more clicks on your international website.

More clicks means more traffic, increased sales and therefore greater revenue for the brand.

For example, if your company is based in France and you want to sell your products in China, in order to successfully penetrate the Chinese market, it is essential to optimise your website and content specifically for Chinese consumers.

Thus, SEO translation alone is not enough; the localisation of the site must be efficient, otherwise the potential customers may move on in a matter of seconds.


What is the purpose of website localisation?

Its main purpose is to adapt content to a specific language and culture for local consumption. In some cases, the translator can work on localisation elements for the same language. For example, a text for the Chinese market compared to one intended the French market will use a different vocabulary with an adaptation to the culture of both countries.

More than a simple translation, website localisation aims to help brands and companies target a larger number of potential customers. The advantage being to increase brand awareness and revenues.

However, it is not enough to simply translate the content of your website, such as meta titles, meta tags and image descriptions. You will need to consider other cultural factors that could impact your content, such as fashion, colours, customer behaviour, etc.

Product descriptions written correctly in one language represents a professional and trustworthy business otherwise your products will not be perceived as relevant to your target audience.

translation VS localization

What does transcreation consist of?

Transcreation is a term used to refer to the process of adapting the source content from one language to another according to its cultural and regional characteristics. In other words, the definition of transcreation is to convey the meaning of the original sentence taking into account its social and cultural context.

For example, when focusing on a marketing transcreation, you need to determine whether your marketing message will translate correctly. Communication slogans, for example, need to be more than just translated, but need creative transcreation to maintain meaning and to choose the right terms in relation to the language.  This method is unique as far as presentation is concerned because it involves adjusting the message in another language.

Transcreation is a so-called creative process that relates to the field of advertising and marketing.

Transcreators have some of the same skills as translators, but they also have skills in writing advertising and marketing content.



The content translated, localised and transcreated for MYA’s end client included new fragrance and make-up ranges that were to be displayed on the brand’s international website.

In addition to the translation, we worked with retail experts in the different target countries to ensure that the most appropriate and suitable keywords were applied for each national market, in order to strengthen the brand’s SEO ranking in each of these countries.

Firstly, one of our business developers was in charge of the direct contact between the project managers and the agency.

Our project managers were then responsible for finding the translators and transcribers specialised in the cosmetics field and native speakers of the required translation languages.

Proofreaders also specialising in the cosmetics field had to proofread the various translations and our production manager was responsible for the control and quality of the translations provided.


HI-COM is a multilingual translation agency dedicated to providing companies worldwide with Chinese-specific social network communication and e-commerce marketing services. Working with over 100 brands, HI-COM is the partner of choice for companies looking to enter the Chinese market!

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Marie CASTANOSEO-optimised translation project for MYA Agency – HI-COM

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