Consecutive Interpreting for China’s Offshore Summit Series 2019

HI-COM is proud to have provided consecutive interpreting for China’s 2019 Offshore Summit Series. The event took place from the 12th-14th of November, at the Grand Kempinski Hotel in Shanghai.

HI-COM supported the two-day event by providing consecutive interpreting in both Chinese and English.

The China Offshore Summit was designed exclusively by China Offshore & local practitioners. With an average of over 500 attendees per event, the annual Summit provides a premium platform for information exchange, business development and education for Chinese intermediaries.

Here at HI-COM, we believe that effective interpretation goes beyond just language fluency, and is about understanding cultural nuances, speaking idiomatically and being experienced in the field that is being translated.

HI-COM provides reliable and cost-effective Interpreting services, with a network of highly skilled, qualified and experienced multi-linguists.  For more information, please get in touch.

China Offshore Summit Series

HI-COM provides interpreting for China Offshore Summit Series 2019

Kate CHERNAVINAConsecutive Interpreting for China’s Offshore Summit Series 2019

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