Qunar – Our English Guide to BOOKING VACATION

Summer is one of the most popular travelling seasons of our fellow expats and their foreign friends, and with advances in technology, it’s not difficult for them to find good deals for a little getaway. But which platform is the most cost efficient, convenient and trustworthy? Our pick is Qunar.

Qunar is famous for its low prices, its quick payment options such as Alipay and WeChat, and for being one of the most convenient platforms for travel arrangements. On this platform you can buy air tickets, train tickets, book holidays, rent cars, and buy tickets for events, as well as benefit from a range of other services.

Today we are going to look at how to book your holiday! Qunar is one of the most easy-to-use travel agents. In just 4 clicks you’ll be able to set up all the details of your summer break!

1 . To begin, go to the landing page, and click on “vacation” on the top menu.

Guide Qunar -10-thailand

The filters are great: they let you specify the length of your trip and the activities you like, and they help you organize a DIY schedule or a group tour. They even give you an option to handle your visa situation! We are planning to go to Thailand, so let’s type into the search line (using Chinese characters). You will probably need to pick a DIY tour, so you can be in charge of all the details.

2. Our enquiry found 3814 offers. Here we can check prices (mostly for a group purchase), find out the travel dates of the tour, and more. You will probably still need your Chinese speaking friends to help you out to read your details. But RMB 1999 for a 6-day 4-night trip to Phuket including flight tickets seems like a pretty good deal to me!

3. To give you a better idea about the possibilities of your booking, we are going to pick one of the tours (Puji or Phuket) and translate the details:

Guide Qunar -12-thailand

4. The next step is to choose the date, and input other important details. Of course as in all online platforms there are hidden charges – in our case if you want to be alone in your room – you need to pay more! But if you book for 2, this goes back to the first offer.

5. After you have entered all your selections, you can move to the next level – traveler info and payment. As we mentioned above, payment can be done in seconds using Alipay with just a simple scan.

So there you go! We hope this article was useful to you and you have a great time on your travels! Stay tuned for our updates and see you soon!

Kate CHERNAVINAQunar – Our English Guide to BOOKING VACATION

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