Machine Translations by Ted Ed

Ever wonder how machine translation works? Ted Ed has come up with this educational video explaining how it works and the problems it is currently encountering:

If you want to watch on youtube, go here:

Simply speaking, because of the many differences in how each language works (suffix, sentence structure, grammar etc), translating an individual word or a short phrase may still work fine, however there will be problems if you translate a whole sentence or a paragraph all together.

Machine translation maybe proficient enough to help us understand a word or sometimes phrases, but to translate an article, paragraph, website etc. it would still be wise to turn to your translation service provider.

It is almost certain that one day machine translations will fully replace human translations, as most translation machines now can learn new techniques based on repetition and information fed to them by human translators, and given our technological advancement, the day when human translators are not needed may come sooner than we think.

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