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Prolongation of Travel Restrictions to China: How HI-COM GBA & South China Can Help

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, it’s still hard for international companies to put new boots on the ground in China. Whereas pre-pandemic it was possible for companies to fly experts in and out, complete official duties and supervise the creation of marketing materials and sales channels, now it is often necessary to rely on individuals already in-country. For companies whose in-country personnel are not specialized in one or another field, Hi-Com is able to provide assistance. Below, we look at a few areas where our expertise can benefit companies in light of prolonged travel restrictions.

Certified Translation

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There are myriad situations in China where it is necessary to provide a certified translation of an official document. The Chinese government has a list of approved companies that can provide certified translations, of which Hi-Com is one. Even when a certified translation is not mandatory, it can often be used in place of an official document, meaning that the original document need not be submitted. In add of it, a scan of the original document is only what Hi-Com needs to create a valid certified translation of it.

There are two main areas in which certified translations are often necessary. First, in the processing of civil documents in China. When applying for a visa, for example, diplomas, criminal record checks, and references from prior employers may be necessary. When applying to study in China, a translation of academic transcripts is often asked for, and when applying for a driving license, a certified copy of an overseas driving license is required.

Second, in the handling and processing of business-related documents. Though not often legally required, it is astute for all parties conducting involved in a business relationship to have certified translations of contracts, certificates of incorporation, business licenses and shareholders agreements. The prominent international law firm, Harris Bricken, stress the importance of this practice over, and over, and over.

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Localization of Marketing and Supporting Materials

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Localization is distinct from translation. Instead of transferring only the direct meaning of a given text from one language to another, it adapts the essence of the text, synchronising it with the cultural and contextual norms associated with the target language. In websites, brochures, operating manuals and any number of other materials that support a given product or service, this is vital.

Often, a normal translator, or even just a native speaker, is not equipped to deal with this job. Each industry has its own set of language norms and specialized vocabulary. These cases require technical translators – those who have experience in localization according to specific industries. Hi-Com has the benefit of a wide range of industry-specific native translators, covering 40 languages, that specialize in localization.

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Setup and Design of E-Commerce Platform

Prolongation of Travel Restrictions to China: How HI-COM GBA & South China Can Help

In recent years, China has seen an explosion in the breadth and depth of e-commerce platforms available. Rising stars like RED and Pinduoduo are providing new alternatives to already-established platforms like Taobao and With new platforms, come new ways to reach specific audiences, and new design features. For example, sales via livestreaming have gone through the roof over the last couple of years. This innovative format provides new opportunities, but new challenges, as its rapidly evolving nature requires up-to-date information about the techniques that work, and those that don’t.

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With borders still closed, it’s often not possible to send personnel to China to open and manage e-commerce offerings. Fortunately, HI-COM has in-country experts who can help in this regard. We can help brands decide which platforms are best for them, and then help them register, open and manage the stores once they’re ready to launch.

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