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How to have a document certified? HI-COM

If you decide to work or live abroad, or simply start a visa procedure, you will probably need to translate certain documents.

HI-COM is an official translation agency, and we provide a variety of certified translations.

HI-COM is able to provide you with official certified translations, as well as sworn translations. But, how do you decide? You must define your real translation needs.

1) What is a certified translation?

A certified translation is a translation carried out by a professional specialist agency. The certified translation document produced by a translation company will be sealed.

certified translation

  • How do you recognise a certified translation?

A certified translation will include a statement proving that it is a correct and true translation of the original document, as well as the translator’s signature and stamp.

A certified translation is an official translation commonly used for legal administration purposes.

  • What is a sworn translation?

A sworn translation is an official document as it is carried out by a translator who is legally registered with the Ministry of Justice of the country concerned. Only translators who have taken an oath before a court of law can use their stamp to seal a sworn translation.

sworn translation

2) Certified Chinese is different in France

Every country has its own rules regarding official certified translation.  For example, the role of the person authorizing and the forms provided, are likely to vary from country to country.

It is therefore the client’s responsibility to enquire about specific requirements with the authority for whom the translations are intended, particularly with regards to “legalization”.

In France for example, the title of an Expert Translator is regulated and protected by law.

Need a translation from France?

  • Certified translation in France: If the administration is requesting a certified translation in French, you can do it here with us at HI-COM. The general procedure is straight forward, just simply send a scan to one of our HI-COM representatives, and wait until the certified translation is completed!


  • Sworn translation in France: This type of translation is often requested by the French administration, or more specifically, the court. The process is much more long-winded and complicated than that of a certified translation. But in order to obtain a French sworn translation, the original must be sent directly to France by registered post (HI-COM will take care of the shipments).

Need a translation from China?

  • Certified and sworn translations must be carried out by a professional translator (legal expert), appointed by a Court of Appeal or the Court of Cassation.

3) What documents are required for a certified translation?

When mightn’t you need a certified translation in China?

Find out more in our article on certified translation in China:

  • Chinese work permits

When applying for a work permit, you may need several documents, including documents such as letters of recommendation from former employers, CV’s, diplomas, school reports, and criminal records, etc.

chinese work permit translation

  • 1000 Internships visa (China-France visa program)

This type of visa is issued to a limited number of young French students, allowing them to intern in China. With this visa, it is only possible to obtain a work permit + a category C residence permit. The duration of the internship can vary from 3 to 6 months, and only students enrolled in a French higher education establishment, can apply for it.

France considers a trainee as a trainee, whilst China considers a trainee as a short-term employee, therefore remuneration is compulsory. This visa also allows students to travel to and from China, making the procedure almost as complex as that of a work visa.

Here are the steps to obtain this visa:

  1. Send the documents to a company in China for translation into Chinese. The two most essential documents to be translated are the criminal record and the internship agreement.
  2. Register the company at the Labour Office. Apply for a visa in France and then register it definitively after medical examinations in China.
  3. Apply for a residence permit.
  • Certified translation for a loan application from a foreign bank

When applying for a mortgage loan in France, the United States, and other countries, it is necessary to provide several bank statements and pay slips. However, people working in China will need to translate these documents first. Chinese pay slips, bank statements and tax records are all necessary documents when in need of a bank loan, which is why they too must be translated and certified by an approved translation agency.

mortgage translation

  • Health booklet for children

Any trip to a hospital in China may require a medical records of the child in order to present it to the doctors and facilitate their work. However, a health record in English, German, or French (or in any other foreign language) will not be useful, so it is recommended to have the health record translated into Chinese beforehand to prevent any problems.

  • Translation of the Chinese business license/ foreign business license

When a company registered in China seeks to advertise abroad or apply for any program abroad, it is necessary to have the commercial and foreign licenses translated.

For example, if you have a tender from a European institution, it is necessary to have the commercial license translated into the European language or English, therefore, a sworn translation is required.

If you need to have your foreign commercial license translated into Chinese, a sworn translation is required.

  • Enrolment in a Chinese university

To enroll in a Chinese university, you will need to provide certain documents translated from French/English into Chinese. In this case, a certified translation is required. It is often mentioned that a degree is awarded in partnership with foreign universities, which can make the process easier. However, even in the case of a partnership, the classic direct application is common and you may be asked to provide the translation of transcripts and diplomas in digital form as well as the application form.

In addition, it is necessary to present the original documents and translations on the day of arrival at the university.

enrolling at a chinese university translation

4) What are the advantages of using HI-COM? 

 Some of your translations may need to be certified, notarised or even carried out by a sworn translator. Don’t panic, HI-COM are extremely experienced in these services!

At HI-COM, our sworn translators each have the required qualifications and certificates that can be presented upon request. Each sworn or certified translation is sealed with our official stamp “Official Translation Company”, or the stamp of the sworn translator.

Copies of your translated original document can also be delivered to you upon request.

HI-COM is a multilingual translation agency dedicated to providing professional translation and interpreting services to companies all over the world. Working in over 40 languages, HI-COM is the localization partner for hundreds of companies and brands. Contact us today for your free consultation!

If you would like more information regarding the translation of your documents, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Marie CASTANOHow to have a document certified? HI-COM

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