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HOW TO CHINA: Our new workshop program at HI-COM

How to china is an educational lab aiming to help foreign brand owners and managers to understand the Chinese Social Media ecosystem.

We share professional information about the Chinese digital world, host workshops, talks, and support everyone who is interested in digital marketing in China.

We cover a lot of topics related to digital marketing in China such as:

  • KOL Marketing
  • Live-Streaming business in China
  • The Chinese E-commerce Boom
  • Chinese product and content localization
  • Building social media campaigns in China

In our club we do workshops, interviews, infographics, articles, china to-do marketer’s list.

Looking to understand more about Chinese social media and how to behave on them?

Want to perfect your marketing strategy for your brand? Join our club!

Last week, we had the chance to host our first “How to China workshops” on October 28th.

workshop how to china

The Workshop was about “Choosing the right social media channel for your business in China”. It was an hour and a half practical session on the Chinese social media management essentials. This workshop was organized and presented by Kate Chernavina, our Marketing Director and Olivia Liu our Digital Marketing Strategist at HI-COM.

During this workshop, we presented China’s social media landscapes to better understand all the possibilities we have as a company or person to appear on Chinese social media.

We then analyzed the most common daily mistakes that foreign businesses  make on Chinese social media.

In fact, when you are not familiar with the country, the culture and especially how the locals communicate, it’s easy to make mistakes and it can be really harmful for the reputation of your brand.

Then, as a foreign company it’s important to be on Chinese Social Media if you want to exist on the Chinese market. This is why we also explained how to choose the right social media channels for your business.

Finally, we presented an overview of a native promotion and marketing tools on WeChat, RED & Weibo which are the most important social media in China.

This workshop was an opportunity to explore and compare different social media platforms in China, learn about platform possibilities, hot topic tracking and more!

We are delighted to have created this club and we hope it can help many people to better understand China, its social media platforms that are not so common in other countries, and its marketing perspective.

Contact us for any request ! 

Marie CASTANOHOW TO CHINA: Our new workshop program at HI-COM

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