Test of Xiaomi MI-Aiteacher’s translation function

HI-COM did a test with the new Xiaomi MI-Aiteacher to check the accuracy of its translation function.

As a conclusion it seems that the device can translate in a better way from Chinese into English and have some major gaps translating from English to Chinese.

Advantages :
1. It can display translation results in test
2. Can play back translation results
3. Accurate translation results

Disadvantages :
1. Speech recognition accuracy is not high
2. Unable to intelligently identify the same object between conversations.
3. Need to hold down the  button to speak

HI-COM advice you to buy this device for study and not for business. There is no substitute for the involvement of expert human translators; multi-linguists who are familiar with the cultural contexts of both the source language and the target language. Machines, as advanced as they may get, will never quite measure up to the complex and evolving circuitry of the human brain.

Watch our video to see the complete test !

Kate CHERNAVINATest of Xiaomi MI-Aiteacher’s translation function