Qunar – Our English Guide to buying FLIGHT TICKETS

Living in China, the question of airfares is always going to be an important one. Traveling for work or leisure will inevitably bring you to various air ticket websites and apps, promising a simple, one-click experience.

Please note, we are not a part of Qunar company, and do not provide any ticketing information. To contact Qunar costumer support please dial 95117

Today we are going talk about Qunar, the website that is famous for its low prices, its availability to pay with Union-Pay even for international travel, and for being one of the most convenient platforms for travel arrangements. On this platform you can buy air tickets, train tickets, book holidays, rent cars, and buy tickets for events, as well as benefit from a range of other services.

When landing on the main page of the website, air tickets are presented as the first option, as air travel is the main business of Qunar.

Now at first glance you will notice that there is an option “IN ENGLISH”. However, this will just lead you to a link to download an app, which will force you to use your phone with its small interface. Plus, there won’t be any services available other than flights.

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The user interface is simple and straightforward – locations on the left, dates on the right. Now the platform offers a new filter called “smartsearch”. This allows you to prioritize your travel by the number of days in a given month. For example, pick July, and then pick a 5-day trip, and the platform will then generate the best options of the month.


You may filter flights by time (departure and arrival), airlines and exclude connecting flights from the search.

In any case, when you book a ticket for a given day, you will be given an option for flights filtered by price. The price shown (in our case 934), is the price that includes taxes, but a few other hidden costs will come up after you click on “direct booking”.

Here are the options for the same flight with a different agent. Some agents might sell out their allocation of tickets faster than another, so don’t be surprised if your link doesn’t have any tickets left. Pick the one that has the best deal.

In the next level, just enter the passenger information and the contact number. The platform will automatically transfer you to your internet banking service or an Alipay account.

We hope we have now made your air travel arrangements more cost and time efficient! Stay tuned for our next guide on Qunar train tickets!

Kate CHERNAVINAQunar – Our English Guide to buying FLIGHT TICKETS