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The number of translation agencies present in China is large and you may be finding it difficult to choose one. Do not hesitate any longer and contact HI-COM ASIA now to discuss your expectations and needs. Our multilingual translation agency offers you translations in more than 40 languages with native translators to ensure the quality of the translations.

Are you looking for a partner to help you with your translation projects or interpreting assignments in Paris? The HI-COM team is ready to welcome you and support you in your projects.

We are already established in Shanghai and Guangzhou in order to be as close as possible to our clients and local companies.

Why use a translation agency in Hong Kong?  

Being present in Hong Kong allows HI-COM be closer to its clients and facilitate exchanges. In order to support local companies or individuals, we are also present in Shanghai, Guagnzhou and Hong Kong. Our objective is to focus on your needs so that you have all our skills at your disposal to ensure the success of your projects. Would you like to meet us in Hong Kong? Contact us now to arrange a friendly consultation. HI-COM is your partner for quality translations, interpreting and content writing. Read our full article to find out how a translation agency works!


HI-COM ASIA arrives in Hong Kong!

  Our multilingual translation agency has established itself in Hong Kong. This choice of city is not insignificant, Hong Kong being an important economic centre, it was essential for HI-COM Asia to be present in this city which has a worldwide reputation. Moreover, our location in Hong Kong is also explained by the fact that most of our employees and clients are present in Southern China. Hong-Kong has a cultural diversity that fits in perfectly with our many areas of expertise. Furthermore, our Hong Kong translation agency covers more than 40 languages and therefore fits in perfectly with this multilingual city where a large number of international companies are based. Hong Kong is a strategic point in the region, so our presence in the city is a key step for our regional development.


Our translation services in Hong Kong!

HI-COM’s Hong Kong agency provides all types of translation services, from certified translations to brand name localization. We also provide simultaneous, consecutive, business and other interpreters in the Hong Kong region. Your translation agency will also provide you with content editing for your website, or SEO-optimised content editing. Our advantage is that we offer different types of services, but also many different fields of execution such as Medical, Scientific, Finance, Fashion & Fashion, Industry & Manufacturing and Automotive (and more). Finally, our speciality: Chinese social networks for a successful setup in China. HI-COM is established in 3 cities in France: Nice, Paris and Lyon, but also in China with its head office located in Shanghai. Thus, in an international city such as Hong Kong, with multiple companies with international influence, it is important for us to offer services directed to these clients.