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HI-COM is a professional and multilingual translation agency covering more than 40 languages.

We specialise in Chinese translation as well as Chinese social networks to help you establish your brand!

The HI-COM team is present in Shanghai to cover the Chinese territory and facilitate exchanges. We are also present in Guangzhou and Hong-Kong as well as in France.

We offer a wide range of services covering three main areas :

We have also developed an expertise in Chinese Digital Marketing, social networks and influencers, in order to improve the visibility of your brand and your products/services to your Chinese audience and increase your market share.


Why choose HI-COM as your translation agency in Shanghai?

Shanghai is one of the most important cities in China with an increasingly important influence in China and worldwide. Its proximity to Beijing makes this city all the more efficient and innovative.

Moreover, as our customers are mainly located in Shanghai, it was important for us to have our head office in this city in order to improve exchanges and proximity with our customers.

Among our many services, we offer translation, interpreting and copywriting services in various fields from medical to fashion.

Don’t hesitate any longer and contact us now to discuss your projects!

HI-COM’s head office in Shanghai!

Shanghai was not a city chosen at random by HI-COM ASIA for its headquarters. As mentioned, its proximity to Beijing and other Chinese cities makes it an important landmark for our customers and our company.

Located in eastern China, Shanghai is an innovative, strategic city with a strong economic influence. Shanghai benefits from a technological infrastructure, and is also connected by various means of transport such as train, airport and public transport, making it a city that is accessible from other provinces in the surrounding area.

Shanghai is only 2 hours by plane from the capital.

Finally, HI-COM Asia tries to get closer to its clients by being present in strategically chosen cities in order to be as close as possible to our collaborators and potential clients.

HI-COM Asia is delighted to have established its headquarters in Shanghai but also in 2 other Chinese cities.

Your professional translation services are present in Shanghai!

Are you living in or around the province of Shanghai and looking for a reliable and professional translation agency? Look no further, HI-COM Asia is present in Shanghai in order to offer you its various translation services, as well as interpreting and content writing.

Does your foreign or Chinese company specialise in the manufacturing or automotive fields? We have experienced technical translators on hand to meet all your translation needs in your specialized field.

In addition, our agency offers translation services ranging from medical translation to SEO-optimised translation of a website, as well as different types of interpreting (simultaneous, consecutive, guided tours or other).

Finally, we are also able to offer you content writing services in Shanghai, whether it be writing articles or marketing content.