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HI-COM’s ICO White Paper Translation Services

One of the fastest-growing areas of the translation and localization industry is centered on ICO white papers.

HI-COM already has an established portfolio of customers in the field of ICO, providing language translation services in over 30 languages for the Blockchain industry. We understand the importance and growing need for multilingual content translation of ICO and white papers. With the assistance of translators and specialists around the world, we have helped many of our valued clients increase their worldwide exposure and also optimize and streamline their translation processes.

ICO White Paper Translation

HI-COM’s Teams of Experienced Technical Translators Are:

  • Experts in dealing with documents covering a wide range of technical sectors.
  • All native speakers of the target language

Consistently provide our customers with top quality translations, ensuring that the terminology specific to the field and the individual requests of customers are systematically applied.

As and when required, HI-COMcan send its translators or interpreters to the customer’s premises. Whether it’s just for a short meeting or an on-site assignment due to the confidential nature of ICO development, HI-COM can provide suitable resources for the specific task in hand.

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ICO White Paper Translation