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Simultaneous and Conference Interpreting Services in China

In this increasingly globalized world, dialogue across language barriers has become more important than ever before. Organizers of international events are now increasingly relying on the professional conference and simultaneous interpreters to provide a frictionless experience for their linguistically diverse audiences.

Conference or simultaneous interpreting is where the interpreter listens to the speaker and translates what is being spoken in real-time to the audience. This is in contrast to consecutive interpreting where interpreters translate during speaker pauses.

A conference or simultaneous interpreting setup involves interpreters in specialized automatic speech recognition (ASR) booths and headset devices with live audio of the simultaneous translation.

HI-COM’s interpreting agency provides expert conference and simultaneous interpreting services for business meetings and events in any industry. We also provide the full suite of technical equipment so you can focus on managing your event or conference.

HI-COM Simultaneous and Conference Interpreters are Happy to Help with All Events Including

  • Business or Board Meetings
  • Conferences
  • Conventions and Congresses
  • Courtrooms
  • Diplomatic conferences
  • Guided tours and Factory tours
  • International Conventions
  • Presentations and product Demonstrations
  • Lectures
  • Seminars and Continuing Education
  • Courses Training Sessions
  • Trade fairs
  • Workshops

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How does Simultaneous Interpreting or Conference Interpreting services work?

Simultaneous Interpreting involves highly skilled and experienced interpreters, whom are familiar with the subject matter and technical terms.  Due to the speed of receiving, translating and then delivering the message, interpreters need to be able to think clearly and act quickly under pressure.  Simultaneous Interpreters usually work in pairs, alternating regularly to allow for optimal performance and accuracy. At the conference the audience is able to hear the interpreting through the headphones provided. The equipment has a few channels through with Conference Interpreters are connected to the audience. In case interpreting in more than one language is provided, the audience is able to choose from various languages channels. The delay between the speaker and an interpreter can vary from 1 to 3 seconds.

When Do You Need Professional Simultaneous Interpreting Services?

Simultaneous interpreting is suited for any large gatherings of international audiences – large meetings, conferences, seminars, conventions, multilingual events, and workshops. Professional simultaneous interpreters are able to, in real-time, faithfully interpret talks with terminology specific to the field the event is hosted around.

Simultaneous interpreting is vital for events where a natural flow in dialogue needs to be maintained, such as panel discussions. It also provides valuable time savings for all involved, as it eliminates the pauses for interpreting.

HI-COM Works with All Major Industries

  • Business
  • Education
  • Government
  • International Development
  • Legal
  • Manufacturing & Technology
  • Medical
  • And Many More

What is Remote Simultaneous Interpreting and How Can it Help You?

With advances in cloud computing and streaming technology, remote simultaneous interpreting (RSI) has become possible.

RSI works by streaming audio of speakers to headsets of remote interpreters, who them stream their audio back to a central RSI cloud-based platform. Attendees or other speakers can then tune into the interpreted stream via smartphones or headset devices.

RSI allows for interpreters to stream into teleconferences and in-person events, translating to savings on travel costs and reduced logistics complexity for businesses.

Discover with HI-COM the differences between simultaneous and consecutive interpreting!

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There are as many possible applications as there are diverse requirements with respect to interpreting. The occasion of your event determines the type of interpretation which is then carried out either simultaneously or consecutively.    

  • Business event interpreting    
  • Liaison interpreting    
  • Whisper interpreting    
  • On-site interpreting

Why Choose HI-COM as Your Interpretation Agency in China

Project managers have huge network of 2000 professional simultaneous interpreters worldwide.

All our interpreters are:

  • Holding a degree in simultaneous interpreting from leading universities around the world
  • Have >5 years of interpreting experience in your field
  • Adapt quickly
  • Presentable

HI-COM has a wealth of experience providing both the equipment and interpreters for large and small corporate events, conferences and seminars, working alongside industry bodies, companies and governmental bodies.

HI-COM is ready to provide all equipment, including the full interpreter booth, technicians on site, headset, microphones, receivers, and anything else required by the specificities of your event/venue or wish.

Discover with HI-COM the differences between simultaneous and consecutive interpreting

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Why Do You Need More Than One Simultaneous Interpreter for Your Event?

There is a reason why simultaneous interpreting is considered the most respected discipline in translation – interpreters must think extremely quickly in two different languages and adapt to the tone and choice of words of the speaker in real time to faithfully translate the speaker’s message.

This makes it an extremely mentally fatiguing job and is why it is industry standard for interpreters to switch out every 15 to 20 minutes. Therefore, for longer events/conferences that do not have frequent breaks, more than one simultaneous interpreteris usually required.

More than one simultaneous interpreter will also be necessary for events and conferences where there are conversations between two or more speakers talking in different languages.

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Simultaneous and Conference Interpreting

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