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Business negotiations without worry!

Business transactions and negotiations can be complex and nuanced, so the significance of a reliable and accurate interpreter cannot be underestimated. Business interpreting service can come handy in this situation.

We work to understand closely the requirements and intentions of our clients and provide the most well-qualified and experienced interpreters to help facilitate the business negotiation, meeting or training.

Business interpreting service is used in exhibitions and trade shows as well, and is one of the most popular requests we receive.

Industries we support:

  • Aviation and Automative Industry Interpreting
  • Financial Industry Interpreting
  • Commercial Industry Interpreting
  • Hospitality Industry Interpreting
  • Medial Industry Interpreting
  • Marketing and Entertainment Industry Interpreting
  • Legal Industry Interpreting
  • Fashion Industry Interpreting
  • Public Sector and Governmental Industry Interpreting
  • Travel Industry Interpreting
  • Technical/Scientific field Interpreting

We provide Business interpreting service for:

  • Business meetings
  • Contract negotiations
  • Conventions
  • Sales presentations
  • Site visits
  • Focus groups
  • Product launches
  • Investor meetings
  • Training sessions
  • International delegates

Our business interpreters are:

Holding a degree in linguistics/interpreting from leading universities around the world

Have at least 5 years of interpreting experience in your field

Holding a degree in linguistics/interpreting from leading universities around the world

Adapt quickly


Exhibition Interpreting

Business interpreting service we provide is most used for events such as exhibitions and trade shows. Maximizing results of an international exhibition or a trade show is only possible when using a help of highly trained, professional interpreters.

The first reason is that you don’t want to risk of the information being miss-interpreted or lost due to unprofessionalism of your Exhibition Interpreters. Other factors that come to mind are: the preventability, discipline and physical endurance of your exhibition interpreter. Being a specialist in your field is another very important factor to include when looking for an exhibition interpreter.

Studies showed that, even when using an experienced and specialized professional Exhibition Interpreters, 10% of the original technical value will be lost.

30% of the original technical value is lost when using a professional but non-specialized Exhibition Interpreters.

And 50% of the original technical value is lost when using a random translator.

In our practice, we have provided interpreters for large and small businesses, summits, trainings and press conferences in Shanghai, Hongkong as well as numerous trade shows and exhibitions around China, France, Germany, Russia,  Korea and other countries.

When looking for Exhibition Interpreters, make sure you prepare your basic technical exhibition materials, have an interview with the potential talent, make sure your exhibition interpreter is experienced, presentable and outgoing. Here at HI-COM we pay attention to those criteria and more, provide one of the best Exhibition Interpreting Services in the industry.

If you would like to learn more about our other Events interpreting or Business Interpreting please contact us!

Exhibition Interpreting Services
Liaison Interpreting, Business interpreting service

What is Liaison Interpreting

Liaison Interpreting, sometimes known as Bilateral Interpreting, is a type of interpreting when one interpreter translates between two parties, into two different languages. Therefore, the interpreter has to have a sound command of both languages required. The main difference between consecutive interpreting and liaison interpreting is that the interpreter translates into both languages between the two parties. As is it considered a more “friendly” type of interpreting, liaison interpreting is mainly used in groups no larger than five people.

Here at HI-COM we have a rich database of professional Consecutive and Liaison Interpreters with extensive experience in various fields.

HI-COM specialize in providing strong multilingual support for conferences and events, including Liaison Interpreting services, also known as Bilateral Interpreting.

Whisper Interpreting Services

Whisper Interpreting is when an interpreter is right beside you and translates the speech simultaneously into your native language in a whisper. The goal of Whisper Interpreting is to ensure communication between two languages through discreet translation, with minimal disruption to the meeting or presentation.  Whisper Interpreting is performed by highly trained, simultaneous interpreters without the help of technical equipment, and most commonly used during business meetings and negotiations, but can also be used for conferences and seminars.

Due to the precise nature of Whisper Interpreting and the specific skills required, HI-COM uses highly qualified interpreters who are specialists in the field.

To understand the process of Simultaneous Interpreting, and why it is required to hire two interpreters for the same event, please shoot us an email

Business interpreting service
On-Site Interpreting

On-Site Interpreting

Don’t worry, we will come to you! On-Site Interpreting: sometime the situation requires interpreters to be quite far from “home”, accompanying clients to remote locations or even other countries. A well trained interpreter in your industry is a valuable team member for your business negotiation trip. Our interpreters are often being called to remote plants, domestic or international trade shows and exhibitions, international training programs, meetings and conferences.

Our interpreters are available to come to your location for face-to-face interpreting, whether it is simultaneous or consecutive services required. On-site-interpreting is one of our most popular services!

When is Consecutive Interpreting used?

Consecutive Interpreting typically takes place in meetings, open court, medical appointments or staff trainings.  It requires skilled and experience interpreters who are able to receive, remember key points and convey a translated speech or message that can sometimes be 1-5 minutes long.

When is Simultaneous Interpreting used?

Simultaneous Interpreting takes place in conferences, seminars, large corporate meeting. HI-COM has a wealth of experience providing both the equipment and interpreters for large and small corporate events.


HI-COM specializes in providing high-quality and reliable on-site interpretation services and we work to ensure language does not pose any barriers to your presentation, training or negotiation.  Our interpreters are experienced in various industry sectors and have all received professional qualifications in translating and interpretation.

Event Interpreting without worries!

Having the right event interpreting support can be the make or break of your conference or event; inexperienced and unqualified interpreters or faulty and unreliable interpreting equipment can prove disastrous to your event and leave your audience frustrated and disengaged.

Event Interpreting

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