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Consecutive Interpreting

Consecutive Interpreting is the other main mode of interpreting, where the interpreter waits for the speaker to finish a sentence or idea before interpreting to the audience or individual.

Good consecutive interpreters shall have a professional training and be able to:

1) listen actively (understand)

2) analyse (take structured notes)

3) reproduce (communicate)

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consecutive interpreting

When is Consecutive Interpreting used?

Consecutive Interpreting typically takes place in meetings, open court, medical appointments or staff trainings.  It requires skilled and experience interpreters who are able to receive, remember key points and convey a translated speech or message that can sometimes be 1-5 minutes long.

Advantages of Consecutive Interpreting

One of the biggest advantage of such interpreting is that it can be done in any venue, situation or surrounding. It doesn’t require a specific equipment, and can be fairly easily arranges due to no much training is needed for an interpreter before the event (given that the interpreter is professional).

How to prepare for a Consecutive interpreting event?

  1. Make sure that the supporting materials such as event agenda, panel questions, speeches, other materials are available for the interpreters in advance.
  2. Take into account that this type of interpreting will prolong the event, so plan enough time.
  3. Best to use one interpreter per language pair, as it might be tiresome for one person to work with 2 or more language pairs.


HI-COM has helped to facilitate many meetings, product launches and presentations with our skilled and experienced interpreters. For consecutive interpreting, our experienced, qualified interpreters work both into and out of their mother tongue.

Discover with HI-COM the differences between simultaneous and consecutive interpreting!

Our interpreters are:

  • Holding a degree in simultaneous interpreting from leading universities around the world
  • Have >3 years of experience in public business event interpreting
  • Have >5 years of interpreting experience in your field
  • Adapt quickly
  • Presentable

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Consecutive Interpreting